Question for those who know Valak

Hi there,

I have been seeing the name Valac or Valak a lot lately. I did a little research here in BALG search function and I understand he helps in finding treasure! What else do we know about him? and since he is president that means he got a duke over him? who is that and who is the king of the legion that president valak from is ruled ?

Is he under King Azazel ?


Yes he’s absolutely phenomenal about locating treasure I can attest to this.

I don’t look at it this way exactly. When I call President Valac I just set up for a normal Goetic evocation and call him. Eazy breezy.


Yes I understand and I do that. But the thing is, I also want to you who is he under out getting to know him better.

Might evoke him soon :stuck_out_tongue:


One tidbit I can give you is he’s sometimes called Volac. When I do the enns chant I use the alternative names a spirit has to see if one resonates more strongly than the others.

Here is an image of him from a tarot deck I use frequently.