Question: Finding Black Magicians in local areas

Where do you guys find services from where you live orvtravel to?

Also more specifically schools


That’s a good question, I’ve only ever found structured systems like the O.t.O or a Golden Dawn temple at best, I believe that E.A offers personalized courses you can attend but a group of just generalized black magicians that meet up without some kind of formal system they enforce is kinda rare to find these days.

I’ve met some Black magickians at Witchy festivals. One of them also said he was leading a group in his local area, but sadly not local to me. That said, majority of festivals are very much RHP and/or Wiccan. But sometimes you’ll find the odd black magician attending too – it’s just harder to find them.

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There is a thread that was going on here in the forum for awhile where people were posting their locations and asking for others in whatever area. I believe it was called “where is everyone from?”. Search around a bit and I’m sure you’ll find it.

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indeed, I would to meet others that have the same views and goals such as myself

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Pay a visit to some metaphysical shops, it’s fine if they are an hour away. Also, pagan or haunted tourist attractions and museums should do.

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