Question about working with Lady Lilith

Okay, so I was wondering if by working with Lady Lilith, if that automatically initiates you into the Qliphoth? Or if you can work with Lady Lilith without being involved in that.

I’m asking because I work with Lady Lilith, but did not intentionally try to work in/with the Qliphoth - however after analyzing some of the dreams I’ve had (some after she visited/slept with her sigil) realized there are common themes of the Qliphoth within my dreams. However that is not my intention. After doing more research into the Qliphoth pathworking/etc I realized I MIGHT have been initiated/etc with it?

So my question is, how do I “exit” the Qliphoth/remove the energies but still work with Lady Lilith? My other thought is that if I was initiated, then most likely by her (she is the only spirit I work with/have so far) - and I don’t know if me exiting would upset her? I don’t think it should - since I didn’t intend nor consent to that pathworking.

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I have worked with Lilith but had nothing to do with the Qliphoth, so it is not a necessary thing in order to work with her

My advice would be to ask Lilith herself about it. It may be unintentional or even a possible past life connection to the energies of the Inverse Tree.


Oh good! I was worried about that. I might have a past life connection to that/etc?

It’s just after her first visit (she stayed with me throughout the night) - that night I had a dream about me walking in a desert with a horse, then the horse parting ways with me, and then me continuing to walk in the desert. (I rarely dream about deserts)

The first visit had to do with me being worried about a spirit lover, and petioning to Lady Lilith about this (I thought the spirit was one of her daughter’s) - she was very motherly and warm to me

On here, and through research I learned about the desert, Set, and a horse to (forgot the name of the “horse”) but that made me curious about the whole thing. As well as life stuff.

Okay, so I just ask Lady Lilith about it? I cant exit myself?

That wasn’t the only dream but the first most prominent one

Of course you can exit yourself, but don’t you want to know why you dreamed of the Qlippoth? It might be a message for you, or an invitation.

That is one of the possibilities, yes. Sometimes if we have a spiritual connection in an earlier incarnation, any present openness to it can lead to the connection reestablishing itself.


Lilith also did something to my root chakra, I think. It wasn’t “sex” per se, but kinda was. It felt like sexual energy/intense energy at my root chakra (like when a spirit stimulates your chakra) but was REALLY overstimulating - like energy got “punched” into me (didn’t hurt but was a very strong feeling) -

Not sure if that could initiate - I think she was just “opening” up my root chakra or doing something with kundalini?

Im not sure I feel a connection to the Qliphoth - BUT I definitely feel a strong pull to Lady Lilith. Curiously enough I share some associations with her.

Just things like, I was born on a new moon (she’s associated with the dark/new moon) and various other things. So if anything more so to her then the Qliphoth.

Yes, she was probably opening your root to help the energy flow.

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Hmm okay, how would I exit the Qliphoth on my own? I don’t have interest in it, and would come in handy to know how to.

The simplest way would be just to ignore the dreams. They should eventually go away on their own.

You could also call upon Lilith and tell her thanks, but you have no interest in the Qliphoth.

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Thanks! Okay I’ll do both.

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