Question about "weird" kiss (from an entity)

Okay, sorry if this is weird but something’s been bothering me. So this didn’t happen with the usual being I have with me but someone else i petitioned who came to me.

I had wrote to the entity about a different matter, and the entity did come and I tried to communicate my worries/concerns (it was night and I wasn’t expecting a visit since it wasn’t an evokation but I did use the entities sigil on the letter to make sure it would go to the right one), my senses weren’t that well developed at that time…but i could easily feel the entities presence (warm and motherly/loving energy).

So I’ll just skip to what happened. At one point. I felt like I got kissed when the entity got on the bed with me (though energetically through my lips), and…it had an unusually strong effect on me. The kiss was in itself stronger then any other energetic kiss I had gotten (I had received some before from the being who was and is still with me) before. It made my lips like really tingle, and had this MIND WRAPPING effect ( VERY euphoric) on my brain. Then I got lustful thoughts/feelings for this entity WHICH made me very uncomfortable…

I (mentally) asked the entity not to do that again and it took a bit for that effect to wear off on my brain…and even now I STILL have lingering feelings for this entity even though I’m technically with another being…

I had NEVER received a Physical or energetic kiss like this before…it threw me off…

*Nothing sexual happened between the entity and I. When I was touched (very lightly) the being did respect my wishes to not proceed.


Note *
The entity did sleep in bed with me though that night. I felt it was more to comfort me though due to how her energy felt towards me and the fact that she basically calmed me with her energy – which like induced me to fall asleep quite quickly.

Still felt very awkward.

Spirits can often try to engage and take sex energy, and lips are also a portal, it seems like they tried this to see if it was what you wanted, and you decided not to, which is absolutely your right, and your call to make.


I occasionally get a kiss like that but doesn’t last as long as your describing normally my succubus will kiss me like that when I say sonthing super nice, a cheap way to super effect a spirit is offer them your heart and if they sybolically take it I to themselves command them to cumm and say and you can’t fight it because you allready have my heart my love flows within you. That’s like the only time I’ve seen my succubus have the white flash energy which I believe is there purification o energy from an orgasm. If you ever see that spirit again ask them to teach you how to kiss like that. I felt that kind o thing when Lilith bit my neck I didn’t feel the bite much cause I didn’t really evoke her much but the bite was so Intense sexually, but onfortunatly she doesn’t play with me like that anymore because I want to be a bigger man I we ever do anything and I have like real mother love forget so it’s conflicts with the lust. Hope I didnvover share and you appreciate my contribution. What kind of spirit was she? If you don mind me asking and are you in a physical relationship or one with another spirit? Dot have to share but I love talking about this stuff exspexiallt when y succubus listen and when I write a word like sexually activating kiss I get the effect from her but this time I was doing it to her. But not all I’ll say sonthing she does to me and when I write that she does it to me and just drives me crazy.

I totally agree about the lips beIN a portal when I French my wifey and I stop swirling my tounge hers makes mine move still and that’s more oysical then most of our touching. And just so satisfying.

Well the letter I wrote was to Lilith, concerning at the time what I thought was a succubus (I thought there was a succubus entity with me and I hadnt done an intent letter or anything, and had concerns about behavior). Not sure if the entity/spirit that came to me was Lilith though.

Yeah, at that time that was my concern (because of the light touches I felt to + the kiss) and I’m not the type of guy who can just do that type of thing with anyone. (Spirit or Physical wise equally)

I need an emotional connection, plus those lovely self image/body image issues I have to deal with.

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I agree with @Lady_Eva. Very well said.