Question about the ugly stick curse

So I really like the “Ugly Stick” curse in the Anthology of Sorcery volume 3 book. Though I just wanted to ask a couple things. First off, I notice that you do have the option of refusing to involve the two demons Dra’talon and Gra’at’talon, which is fine. But it is recommended that beginners (like me) avoid that step. Now is there a specific reason why that step should be avoided? What could possibly go wrong?

Also since the ritual involves saying “in the name of Azazel I command you to terrorize X person”. Since I haven’t done any evocation or possession or any rituals that involve Azazel in my own life, could commanding or asking any demons in Azazel’s name do to anything have negative effects on me?

Also, at the end of the spell you are supposed to take the chalice of salt water, flick some water around that space with your middle and ring finger and say “go and carry out your task” or whatever. And then it is recommended you do the same thing in every room and every part of your house. Better safe than sorry according to the book. But my concern is that I live in a basement suite and my landlords live upstairs. I can’t just walk into the upstairs unit since I have no access to it. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

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I believe the ritual says to command in the name of Azazel, because the two demons that are named in the ritual are two of his Nether Lords, if I’m not mistaken, and the traditional way to command demons is in the name of their superior. You don’t need any sort of relationship with that superior though. Commanding in his name is enough because it is letting the demons known that your authority is Azazel’s authority. It won’t have any negative affect on you.

That is good to know. I will follow the recommendations to omit the step of involving the two demons. Now I just hope that it isn’t a situation where I have to get into the upstairs unit of my place (which I have no access to) when purifying my place. If I can get away with just purifying the downstairs suite, I will be happy with that. But since the chapter in that book does say to do the entire house, I am wondering if that actually matters.

I do appreciate your responses.

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