Question about the Shem Ha

How do I perform it? Just like the LBRP? I looking for someone explain it to me so i can understand it better

72 Angels of Magick is a good grimoire for this. Failing that, you only need the names and seals of whomever you wish to contact.

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@Veil thank you, I will look at it

In Damien Echol’s book “Angels and Archangels” he gives a beginner version (iirc) how to do the full Shem operation - gives preliminary rituals and the full list of angels and a visual graph, where you have to visualize each angel. The method is similar how you call on the 4 archangels in LRP rites. You will be calling on the 72 angels of Shem - one of each zodiac sign and each decan of zodiac.

He also gives you progression rites - just calling on the 12 angels of the zodiac, without the decans and so on.

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@Vena thank you

I use an invoking pentagram for all spirits, sometimes I just call out to them in the astral plane… it’s not hard contacting spirits