Question About The Necromantic Path

@TheStorm fellow necromancer here also. I’m new on the forum here but have gotten involved in a few conversations so far.

I would be interested to know how you started Necromancy? I don’t mean your studies but what you actually did either physically, psychologically or magickally to connect with the death current? To virtually initiate yourself as a necromancer? Then with the individual disincarnate themselves?

I’ve written about what I first did in the thread put in above referring to Necromancy and the death essence added by Lady_Eva if you are interested in what I first did all alone. It was a life changing experience for me that’s for sure.

I hope that you don’t mind me asking you some questions about your necromantic workings? As for me it seems to be my calling to do so now.


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Death meditation and Invocation

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Thanks @Lady_Eva that totally makes sense to me too.

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Thanks again & Dark Blessings,


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Yes. Love you @Lady_Eva


@anon628574 What do you do? What practices do you engage in?

@TheStorm thanks for that, I hope that you don’t mind some more detailed questions if that’s alright about how you practice? I don’t mind short answers to them at all because it helps me a lot to learn what other Necromancers are doing.

May I ask do you practice necromancy in your local cemetery very often? And if you do? Do you take candles, incense, alcohol, tobacco , flowers, money or food as offerings of any kind?

Do you practise Voudou? As I think I remember reading that somewhere on BALGs forum that you did but I’m not quite sure? Anyway if you do I’m really fascinated by Voudon & the Lwa/Loa and everything else that’s for sure.

I haven’t tried it as yet because I’m not sure if Voudou is the best pathworking for me to try ATM? Please feel free anyone to give me your opinion on anything I’ve written about on this long post. Which I’ve just edited again. Lol

If I lived much closer to Haiti I’d love to visit there one day hopefully? Haiti is such a beautiful & colorful place that sadly has endured so much tragedy over the years. Yet the Haitian people are always so strong and they always survive & live with such dignity and grace and spiritual strength that inspires me very much. It also upsets me though how our Western governments don’t give enough foreign aid to Haiti especially ATM.

I’m also interested to know what sort of magickal tools you usually use? Such as are your essential implements things such as a knife or athame, skull, staff, wand, bones, herbs, Florida water, crystals, corn meal, sea salt, protective amulets or holy water of any kind etc?

When practising necromancy wherever your location is? Do you usually wear any particular crystals, amulets jewelry when you do so? Or certain colored clothing, a ritual cape or robe or whatever when doing so?

This is a picture of my skull taken one night when I was using an advanced technique of a healing and divination ritual for a sick friend at the time. I was actually sitting and concentrating on this for 3 hours BTW & the red Candie is on a round mirror that you can’t quite see properly. It was lit to guide me and my spirit that I was communicating with at the time. The other 2 small tea light candles had burnt out & were finished by the time this quick pic was taken on my phone. All the runes are around the goddess that I chose to put on a small Goddess altar cloth because it was for a female. Thankfully it was all very spot on and she was better in 3 months.

I like to take most of the above mentioned items and my beautiful imitation skull with protection upon her and planetary symbols. I use her often as my portal especially when I’m at home in my ritual room, outside on our property, or on the cliffs, or down on the beach. My necromantic skull gets around. Lol I’ve even got a special box with skulls on it that I put her in. Along with any other bones that I need to use to take with me as well.

I might add that sometimes I do use “real bones” after they’ve been buried by my dog for a few months. They are usually big beef or sheep bones. I occasionally keep certain chicken bones after we’ve eaten them by drying then out as well.

I’ve recently used some fox bones along with a beautiful tail after a tragic road kill that we found recently. I only ever keep ethically sourced bones. However I do know that in other magickal systems it is culturally appropriate to offer an animal. Then all of the community share in eating it too. That is very different than the wastefulness of the west.

My Skull is not a spirit vessel or spirit trap of any kind but an entity that chooses to reside within my Skull when she chooses to, to help connect with whomever I’m trying to communicate with to come through much easier. She has a name which I’ve sworn never to reveal, sorry.

Anyway I know this probably is a bit different but it/she totally works for me. This is something that I want to write about in my book on necromancy about why it works and how it can work for others too!

I hope you don’t mind me asking so many questions @TheStorm? As that’s the reason I’m here on BALG’s forum to learn from others and maybe to help other’s on here as well too.

Also any other Necromancers out there reading this? If you would like to tell me what you do and how you practice necromancy? Whether at home, st the cemetery or in the great outdoors, I would be really interested to hear what you do?

Guess you can tell that I’m obsessed by Necromancy quite a lot because it’s become my vocation. Recently a friend suggested that I should be a “Death Doula”. Does anyone know anything about that? I’ve googled it and it’s quite interesting.

I know I’ve written a lot on here in one msg so please excuse the rough grammar. Lol

I look forward to hearing from @TheStorm and others here on BALG on how you practice “The Dark Arte of Necromancy”?:skull::skull::skull:

Dark Blessings,


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No[quote=“NyX_LuNa_NecRomancer, post:7, topic:18283”]
Do you practise Voudou?

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Wow you answered quickly!

What type of necromancy do you practice if it’s ok to ask? Ceremonial, traditional witchcraft, Wicca, Asatru, Demonolatry, luciferian or whatever?

Do you mind telling me anymore about what you do? Or which tools you use?



None of the above.

I invoke Spirits. I was talking to @Lady_Eva a while back about invoking a dead god for example. I invoke Undead Spirits and Gods/Goddesses of death mainly. Death meditation too. Every day.

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Myself. Paper. Blood.

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Ah someone else who reads souls how delightful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:.


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