Question about the Magickal Cashbook

So my question is, if I am working with the cashbook to make a certain amount of money, can I use another cashbook to get a small amount of money for something else? Or should I wait for my first petition to be completed?

Also, can I erase the amount of money I have on the page after I receive it and use the page again?

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i ve used cashbook two times with total succes.
(second time was for a 4 digits number)
why complicate things and just not waiting for the things come by itself,then move to the next.also why on same page,instrunctions are very clear to cross everything and move to a new one.


The cashbook is supposed to be used for one desire at a time, and even if you were to create another cashbook, it’s still the same spirit you are working with, so I would wait for the first petition to be complete.

Cross it out rather than erasing.


So that means after I fill my cashbook I need to make a new one, correct?

Yes, when you get to end, you would make a new one.


If you want to do more money magick, you could do more open and general rituals like the ones in Magickal Riches alongside your Cashbook workings.

Personally, I’ve found a good way to work is to combine rituals for specific sums of money for specific purposes, like the Cashbook, with rituals that are less specific.

Here is an example. I know of investment properties in my area that I could acquire, fix up, and then rent out for probably around $40,000 total money down, maybe even less. It’s a cheap area, but still growing and developing with hotspots of economic activity that attract growth, so that means good prices to buy and good chances to rent it out to someone with a steady job.

I would do a cash ritual to attract the $40,000, remaining open to however long the money will take to manifest. Maybe it’s next week, maybe it’s next month, maybe it’s next year. So long as it comes, that’s all that matters. Alongside this, I would do rituals for general riches and abundance, cleaning up my finances and opening up to opportunity. Importantly as well, and this is the part most people miss, I would do rituals to cleanse myself of emotional blockages when it comes to money. That way, when opportunity comes, and opportunities come in so many ways, I’ll be able to see it and act on it.

But perhaps $40,000 sounds like an amount that is too far away from your current financial reality. I know that many people make less than that in an entire year. I think of it like this. Would you eventually like to attract this much money for the purposes of investment? If the answer is yes, then is spending 11 days now on a Cashbook ritual really too much to ask for locking-in that financial future? Like I said, maybe it’ll come sooner than you expect, but maybe it’ll take a bit. Either way, would you rather eventually have the money, or never have the money?


Eventually having the money is ideal. So I must be patient.

I will try the rituals in the book you mentioned as well.

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