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Little bit of a back story which will be familiar to those on MFWB thread. Won’t explain it now but involves me and a particular woman. Anyway at the end of last year an acquaintance who “is” psychic (and unfortunately flies off the handle and got so bad I had to block) told me she saw myself and this woman together by winter (June/July here). This person also had the habit of changing their thoughts on what would happen and then said she was wrong and she thought it was the woman and someone else. This is all before I found here and started evoking etc. Only being at the start of learning about divination and not having touched on tarot yet, I was wondering if there was someone who was good at this sort of thing who could give me an idea of time frame or something for this happening as I believe it will happen with the entities I have evoked.


Here’s one thing, if you have a time frame you’re going to add a conditionality, so say the answer “June” is the result, June goes by and you become convinced it failed, and begin pouring in emotion, feeling miserable, angry, maybe even want to give up or con vince yourself it’s all futile, when in reality things may just have changed and shifted the time frame of the result, but it will still occur.

I tend to avoid putting anything in my own work that creates cut-outs. binary yes/no, pass/fail, on any element, because sometimes things are a bit more complex in delivery than expected, sometimes they can happen EARLIER but too much focus/intent is fixated on a date in time.

Calendar/clock time is also not always a strong area of spirits, cause-effect loops and astrological changes are easier for them to track.

This goes into why that may be, it’s an old post but so far I’ve not found anything that provides a better description of the reasons:

Note that none of what I’m saying here is about “let go, and let god” passivity, simply about not bringing a human concept of nailing down days and dates into a magickal working in a way that might be counter-productive.


Excellent post @Lady_Eva and interesting question @Shadowmage. I’ll tell you of an experience I had with a psychic. Twenty years ago when I was in my late teens, I went to a psychic fair in my area because there was a lady going to be there doing readings that I’d heard about on the radio and knew a couple of people who had been to her for readings and said she was pretty amazing in terms of accuracy.

Anyway I had the reading - I’d asked about my love life as at the time I was single and wondering if she saw anyone on the horizon. So she said she saw a man in my future and gave me a lot of details about his background and the situation about how it would happen with us but that it wouldn’t be straight forward at first. The reading was recorded on a cassette tape. Anyway, to cut a long story short, soon after I met someone but it ended about a year later and was nothing like the situation she said. So I thought she was just wrong and it was all a load of bs what she’d said. I forgot all about the reading and got on with my life…

Fast forward twenty years later to now…in the intervening years I never got married or had a successful relationship. I happened to be cleaning out some old stuff of mine and guess what? Came across the cassette tape of the reading. I vaguely remembered her but not what she said as had not listened to it since then. So for fun I wanted to refresh my memory. I was stunned when I heard it again because what she described unmistakably refers to a situation I am in now with someone. And Id totally forgotten what she’d said. She described him and his background perfectly and everything about the situation.

She saw this man in my future TWENTY YEARS ago. I only first met him 3 years ago. I still can’t believe she saw that far ahead. I’d dismissed it at the time as her being totally wrong. But her prediction seems to be playing out only now…

So Yes, while we can get hung up on time, time doesn’t really exist on other planes in the same way and that’s why I think psychics often have a hard time pinpointing exactly when something will happen.


It is very common to set a time frame to the readings (and spiritual works also) but it all depends on the nature of the reading (or work). Is a common belief that “oracles” in general (whatever systems they are) can tell the future. In fact oracles talk about of the “possible futures” (or possible outcomes). Sometimes a reading shows several factors gathering to produce a certain outcome so the reading is pointing an objective, clear future. Other times the reading does not make much sense, their pieces are kinda messed pointing a more subjective, unclear future for not saying none. Several readings about the same thing leads to contradiction, oracles tend to contradict themselves when pressured, that is why is a good idea to set a time frame and wait that time to end before doing another reading (the same with magick works). I use the example of baking a cake. If one opens the oven too much what does happen to the cake? The cake does not rise. Having all the ingredients does not guarantee a cake.


Another very important point is “time markers”. Depending on the system you can have clear time indicators. Astrology for example. But it is not uncommon to have such markers with Tarot also. It will depend also of the method with what you are working. I established my own markers, I developed my own method along years, it is not perfect but it gives me a notion of “time”, when certain thing will probably happen. An example, if you ask something to Tarot, lets say “when this will happen” and you get II. High Priestess + V. Hierophant it can point Moon transiting over Taurus. Then you have to look for when such transit will occur. XIX. The Sun + XIII. Death = Sun into Scorpio. And so on. I pay attention mainly to Moon, Mercury, Venus, then Sun, because they are the quickest through Zodiac (in the order given). You need to establish a solid correspondence with the system chosen in order your reading to be time accurate.


That’s very impressive. I often have dreams of the future, but only 1 or 2 days in advance. They’re also completely useless, I suspect because I have Pisces rising in my first house and lots of Neptune everywhere. Being a Capricorn is the only thing that keeps me from being a hippy. Anyway, the dreams usually give me things like: I’m in a classroom, I see a big picture of a lion on the wall, and I am telling someone they are a Leo, as that day is their birthday. The next day, a person I do not know has their birthday, and it is posted in our university group chat that she is a Leo, along with a picture of a lion. Other times, I hear jokes people will tell me in advance that I found particularly funny, or I have a combative/competitive atmosphere symbolized by me walking in to the relevant location wearing my old Tae Kwondo uniform to a tournament. Then the next day comes, and there is that competitive/confrontational incident with the people appearing in my dream.

It would be nice to stabilize this somehow to get predictions from further out, and also in a way that was clear. But it’s like my unconscious picks up on what is going to occur, and since my unconscious isn’t particularly concerned with being useful, it just intertwines everything into a very useless and irrational dream.


Thanks everyone. I personally don’t think she was right about the time frame as I would have to give up study and go back to work (I have about 15 months left on something it took 20+ years for me to get to do). She was just very certain about it but kept changing her mind. I was going to ask what people saw happening between me and this woman regardless of time but with the stuff I have done, it should just be a matter of waiting (which I hate). I just hope a joke I made years ago when we were together doesn’t happen cause it would mean another 3 and a half years :anguished: A real case of something said in fun coming back to bite me on the ars.


Time doesn’t really exist at all if you think about it, it’s just a measurement of change.

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