Question about Tarot spirits, physical appearance of demons, experience being cursed and OBE


I some forum threads about the way in which Tarot works. It is believed that whatever spirit is around you at the time does the reading. I have had many decks of tarot cards and each deck consistently gives different answers to questions in specific ways as though the deck has a personality. Maybe there is a different spirit for each deck. If so that means maybe even a parasite could give you a reading. lol. I have a tarot deck which consistently gives weird readings telling me to do the exact opposite of what would be reasonable action in response to a situation. On the other hand I have another deck which always gives great readings with very good advice. There are probably millions of people doing readings daily relying on advice from Tarot but how trustworthy is that advice? If you have say a parasite giving you a reading they’d give you advice to make the wrong decision to feed off of negativity and pain. If you have a real spirit giving the reading the result could be positive depending on motives, mood and benevolence. How could we find out who these spirits are? Say you have opened your third eye you should be able to see the spirit while doing the reading?

On the topic of demons I read that you cannot see, smell, hear or sense them. If someone has no developed senses is there a way to make them appear physically? How powerful of a sensation should you feel when evoking Emperor Lucifer for example? I invited him while looking at his sigil and felt like a warm presence, like a candle. Should his presence feel like this?

There is this really evil person I know that cursed me one night. I was in bed and suddenly I could smell some really disgusting smell. I could sense a presence right near my face. After a few minutes I got up to go to another room and suddenly I banged into a sharp object very hard on the way. It caused a large cut on my thigh that bled. Which spirit/being could have this injury? If I asked a witch on a website to cast a revenge spell on this person what’s the most that spell could have done in respect to the damage they did me via curse? If someone did this to you what would you do? How seriously are curses taken in the occult world?

Once I was going to sleep looking at my bedside clock and I had a vivid experience where this African/voodoo type spirit with three staves started shouting at me while I was in bed and trying to stab me with the staves. The spirit had these tattoos on its body, black bands on its arms and black clothing. Then I appeared on a tennis court with people playing tennis where I was approached by a guy who offered me playing cards. I took the cards and looked at them. There were three or four playing cards. Then I appeared in a room of my house and I had this octopus or jellyfish type being hitting my head and attacking it. Then I felt a gasp of air and I woke up still looking at my bedside clock. What could this have been about?

First of all if you are doing a reading with a spirit then know the spirit before you invite it to connect with your cards! If you don’t want any spirits participating then cleans the cards with your energy and simple visualisation! Connect to your higher self and let it take over the reading! If you still worry then banish before you start and after! Adding stones and crystals will help you with energy and protection too!
Secondly! Developing your senses and practice is the only way to perceive the other side! While spontaneous manifestation happens, it almost always involves a medium of some sort.

Reverse curses is simple! Just send back what they sent you until they stop! You can say “back to sender” repeatedly until you feel better! There are more ways if you care to search!

Its an attack! Banish, banish and banish! Learn some protection magick! Once you are surely protected then you can venture into any magickal endeavours!