Question about Tarot not being accurate

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I had a question about a consistent reading I was getting. For a long period of time, every reading I was getting was telling me that I would reconcile soon with one of my exes. I had a reader I went to consistently on Fiverr that seemed accurate about everything else I asked, but she was adamant that my ex would reach out to me. A few other readers confirmed this as well. I started trying to read for myself and I seemed to get the same results.

It doesn’t look like it’s happening. My ex is engaged to be married to someone else.

My primary reader seemed genuinely shocked. She told me that my ex’s reality doesn’t align with her thought processes. Does this sound possible or accurate?


Well, yeah it’s possible that the patterns in consciousness are what the reader suggests, but there are a lot of readers who are sorta fake too and tell you what you’d like to hear ( :slight_smile: which is always a part of the truth for all realities exist :slight_smile: ). A reading is more like a snapshot of consciousness at the time of the reading and although the insight should be taken seriously, it mustn’t thought of as rigid in any way because it can change with consciousness–sometimes in a few minutes even. That said, stuff that makes a genuine reading is usually significant enough, i.e. not passing “noise”.

Also, you can never say when or how the manifestation will occur: in some cases, it may be after they get through with someone else. It’s really hard to determine the how and when.


Experienced this same situation and for a long time (four years wasted, SMH), I believed that there would be a reconciliation because both other readers and my own reading were saying the very same things. While I understand how you feel and it’s very difficult not to scratch the itch of curiosity and constant confirmation, there comes a time that in doing repetitive readings, the cards either: (1) show you more and more negative cards just for you to quit asking and/or; (2) show you what you want just for you to sit back, relax and FINALLY quit asking. How you want things to be/your bias may be rubbing off on the cards because of constant readings about the same question.

As for those other readers, like the previous reply has stated, there are many out there who tell you what you want to hear. Pick-a-cards on Youtube, for instance, are a primary example. After all, who wants to be the bearer of bad news, right? When in doing so you may lose potential clients or payments. Furthermore, readers are usually sensitive to their clients’ energy, so feeling them all sad and heartbroken, surely you’d want to help uplift them too, hence the sugarcoating and trying to find the positives in a situation, providing some sort of hope (was guilty of this lol). Some readers intentionally do this to keep you going back to them = they keep earning cha-ching, but I’d like to give your readers the benefit of the doubt since I do not know them at all.

Unlike your primary reader, I am not shocked however that your ex’s actions are not similar to his/her thoughts. It’s pretty much human nature to think about certain things, feel certain feelings and still not act on them or even act the direct opposite of it all. How many times did you have a crush on someone only to act like they don’t exist to you or like they’re the most despicable person to walk the Earth and you’d either glare or bully him/her every chance you get? Yes, thought so too. Also, Tarot like any other tool is still fallible or questionable. It may be spot-on most of the time but it is never 100% correct, powerful or set in stone. It is more on how you act (or not) on those readings that will truly determine a situation’s outcome. Though I’ve come across others who believe otherwise, I still stick to my (and other people’s) experiences of defying a tarot reading’s results and changing it all up for the better.

Now, just as one long-ago heartbroken fellow to another, I want to tell you that the moment you begin doing plenty of readings for how someone thinks, feels, will act towards you etc. is a red flag already. When another person decides to act (or not act) in a certain way, no matter how contradictory their thoughts/feelings may be to it, believe what they show you, work on cutting your losses and walk away. You deserve much better than waiting and worrying over a potentially unhealthy situation. And if his/her thoughts/feelings are TRULY saying he/she wants you instead of someone else, you do not owe it to him/her to make him/her recognize, acknowledge and act accordingly on it.


Perhaps the marriage is gonna go to shit and she’ll come crawling back yet, perhaps the pull was about another ex, and perhaps too the divinator simply called it wrong. It happens.

I had a similar situation happened to me as well with a coworker who was flirting with me prior to and during his relationship with another woman. Cards confirmed what I was seeing (that their relationship was volatile and on again off again). Bam! They recently got engaged. Now, I should also tell you that I had a dream in which this person was crying and telling me “she gave me an ultimatum.“ I should’ve listened to that, but I chalked it up to my anxiety about the whole situation. Long story short people have a choice to change their course or direction so nothing is really ever set in stone. And sometimes that means making the wrong decision in order to learn a lesson. Time will tell.

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I get this question a lot when I read, and many won’t seem to take no for an answer.

If it helps,
I went back to my ex after my marriage fell apart.

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This!!! On spot…wish i realised this earlier when i chased my ex for years for nothing

A tarot reader’s job is to interpret the story the cards display. That’s it. With that being said…

Ethics and personal bias are a whole other matter as these can affect the story told. If they read mostly off images, the individual artist’s spin on the cards can affect interpretation. Wanting repeat customers or to alleviate a querent’s emotional suffering by white lies (think Doreen Virtue’s Oracle meanings always being sickenly sweet and positive), a reader can read falsely and cause a huge disservice.

Being too vague regarding queries can also skew the read. “What she wants” vs “What she is going to do,” can be completely different.

If you say, “Are we going to be together again,” and get 6 of Cups, it could just mean you bump into one another at a coffee shop you both used to go to and wax nostalgic about the past.

If you add a more specific descriptive and a time clause “Will we rekindle our romantic, monogamous relationship again within one year”, you might turn up 8 of Cups instead.

Tarot also has humor where it’ll give cryptic answers such as XVIII The Moon for future, which I see it is a big, fat, “Fuck you. I’m not telling you. Have faith you’re on the right path.” Future’s can also change such as when magick influences outcome.


My first question is did they first reader know you?

Also marriage doesn’t mean forever, engagements fall through. Tarot can see in the far future too. Your ex may come back after this marriage being a mess and falling apart.


The reader didn’t know me. I can say we built a relationship because of my constant readings and she did seem sincere.

I would say the cards are correct, but your behavior blocks the process of your partner coming back. You give this person so much attention (which equals power nowadays) that they can do what ever the fuck they want because they “know” you’ll always be there. Once you stop thinking about them, and removed them out of your live and thoughts they will come. If you constantly think about the lack or absence of this person this lack will continue to manifest.