Question about specific materials

Hey everyone, I have this spell that says to use an oak wand made from an oak sapling. Problem is, I have an oak wand but not one made from a sapling. To me this sounds a bit trivial and I see no reason why the spell with the incantation wouldn’t work if I just improvised and used my oak wand.

Just curious if anyone had any advice because like I said this seems trivial here.

I think the requirement to use a sapling is because the wood, being younger, is probably easier to shape, and contains more life energy.

There is no reason why you cannot use your current oak wand though.


Thanks for the advice

I also think in this case as many, most of the spell’s power comes from the incantation and your intent, but the wand helps.

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Wouldn’t it also be easier to influence with energy of your choice as well?