Question about servitor

Hi everyone so I plan on making a servitor tonight so first question can a servitor move object on the physical plane ?? I would put it in a ring and I have a whistle that if I blow three time it will be destroyed seconde question what it the gestation time for such entity ?? Third question is it possible to see it with my eyes if so can I make it visible to friends of mine ?? Thanks for the reply

It sounds like you have a lot of research left to do yourself.

  1. Servitors can be used for just about anything, making one for PK is not out of the question. However it will be an uphill battle unless you are familiar with PK yourself.
  2. You should continue working on it, feeding it, building it in your head until it is able to do the task that you want it to do. If it is moving items and preforming minor acts of PK, then you are going to be at it for a while. Idk the timeframe, as it varies based on your skill in energy manipulation, programming, and the building of such a Servitor.
  3. Servitors can be made visible to the naked eye, but that is a highly advanced skill, and for the most part only lasts a second or two from my experience. Its kind of like the phenomena of Orbs when there is a high concentration of energy in the room. You guys are more likely to feel it (physically) first than you are to see it. However, this can be mitigated if you and your friend both have some experience seeing energy of any type. For example - auras.

Each of those three questions can be huge and encompassing topics of their own. I answered briefly.

In short, if this is an attempt to ‘prove’ the existence of otherworldly ‘things’ or the ‘power of the mind’ to your friends, I think you are going to waste your time here. You are better off learning how to do PK yourself, and just ‘showing off’ that way.


I’d also differ construct servitors from thoughtform servitors.


What is the difference?


Hi thanks for the answer yeah I have a little of practice of pk behind me but I can only make an aluminum pyramid spine in the direction I want and I did a lot of aerokinesis and about the seeing things it’s for most part for me to see it and if I can make my friends see or feel it is just a bonus

Thoughtform servitors are like basic imaginary friends, they develop, servitor being its basic “self” while construct servitors are something more akin to direct energy work or direct magick, using energy work to create a object or humanoid shape outside of you and giving it programming. A psiball is a construct servitor as an example while say slenderman is a thoughtform servitor or was once before.

A thoughtform exist inside your mind a construct doesn’t usually but can be placed within the mind for a reason such as destroying mental blocks. While a servitor Construct can be seen through scanning Alone a thoughtform servitor has to develop before it can be seen and usually has to manipulate the mental scape to be seen since it does not exist outside of you but within the mind.


So for pk which one is the best ??

Thank you for answering.

What do you mean for PK?

Psychokinesis Or telekinesis but that’s not exactly the same

Oh! but yeah all kinesis are basically psychokinesis, as for a servitor, either can be made to help with that, be it removing mental blocks or helping in your progress.

Thanks for the reply and a last question is it possible for the entity to move himself the object ??

Are you asking if it’s possible for an entity to move an object or the servitor?

The servitor

Servitors have to develop, while not the same as a ‘living’ entity develops they still ‘learn’ so with enough energy accumulated it’s probable

Ok thanks do you know the time span ??

There’s no specific timespan, they all develop at varying times.

Ok then I’ll try thanks again