Question about rituals

Ok so let’s say I want to improve two areas of my life: sex/relationships, and money.

So I go out in search of info and I find books that match what I want so I buy them and start working the rituals. What if the books require me to do daily rituals for both relationships and money?

Do I do choose one aspect first eg money and do daily rituals for that and then when that’s done I do the sex/relationship one? Or is it ok to overlap rituals?

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No you can do as many rituals you want per day.


Usually, it is best to leave some time between rituals so the energies don’t bleed over and you have time to process them. My preference is 4-8 hours in between rituals, depending on how rigorous they are.


Ok Im doing the stuff in magickal cash book by damon brand and it’s daily rituals. I’ll start on the attraction rituals next week since I can feel that money magick is a very distinct energy from attraction magick

I think you could implement both in the same ritual. If you imagine what its like to be in a relationship and have money, really visualize until its solid. Taste it, smell it, touch it, feel it as if its already there in front of you. Project that energy into your ritual, making it real, feeling as though you already have it. Do you ritual until you have no energy left. Close the ritual when you’ve expelled all emotion. Go on with your life, forget about the ritual. You should get awesome results.

Well the thing is money magick works best if you do some sort of sexual abstinence eg semen retention whereas love magic works best if you use semen/sexual fluids to power the ritual.

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And use actual money in money magic too. I use pennies a lot.

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