Question about my incubus

Hello guys!
I have been obsessed with incubuses for the last month, reading every post on them I could find on this forum, and decided to write my letter of intent Sunday night.
I had read that the best time to do so was 3 am, so I tried to stay up but ended up falling asleep around 1 am. I awoke at 3:30 am because my cat was frantically “hitting” me with his back legs in his sleep and I noticed that I felt a lot of warmth on my right thigh (did I already have a spirit before making my letter?)
I then decided to write the letter of intent, burned it, and went to bed as I did not feel any presence around me.
Last night, I decided to prepare a little treat for my incubus: I put some sweet tea and some chocolate on my altar. I was hoping that it would be a good way to start creating our bond. An hour later, I started noticing a painful weight on my lower spine, that grew on my chest and on my forehead. I struggled to breathe and got a headache, I felt like something was being “sucked” out my chakras.
Is this a normal step in the process of bonding with an incubus? If not, how can I better our relationship?


Nope! Not normal haha.

I highly doubt it. Do you work with an entity? Lucifer, Lilith whoever. Either way I recommend you do a cleansing and banishing just in case, and evoke or ask the entity you work with to make sure you have an incubus with good intentions, and that it is an incubus at all.

Maybe that was your incubus doing something good for you but I doubt it. Better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes we have oppressive spirits attached to us.

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I work with Lilith! Thank you for your advice, I’ll do a cleansing ritual tonight :slight_smile:

It was an reptilian (some other LHP call them sludge.*

*** If it were an incubus it wouldn’t be affecting your third eye or base chakra … incubus make you feel a tingle around the sexual areas and stimulate your sacral chakra. . .

However all demons can do this but specifically an incubus are more likely too do it more often than compared to being in a romantic relationship with a demon.

I would recommend either do a cleansing or a banish but remember demons can perform these too. Lower energies can not be around higher vibrations so it clears them for you.

If you can’t cleanse don’t fear and feel you need a practitioner do it for you (remember demons can do these things for us if we ask them. I’ve had #43 remove these parasites out of my home many times. Also Satan can give them the boot out of the door.

A bath with jasmine oil can be very cleansing for the aura… You can call an incubus at anytime of the day or night and some demons can provide them if asked.

You can ask Satan or any demon you’re close too (too bring you one (one of the safest methods for those who are unable to detect and discern.


Ask Lilith if she will assign you an incubus for a trial basis (like a date per-se) that way if you change your mind in the dating period and don’t get along (it is under the control of Lilith and she can assign one until you’ve found the one you’re comfortable and compatible with.

I am sure the queen will do this if asked politely…


Thank you so much for such a detailed answer! I will definitely cleanse my room and take a bath today. As I’m very new to this specific branch of Magick, I am not yet close to a demon. Which one do you think would be good for a beginner? I was thinking of contacting Azazel as I heard he is a great teacher.

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The answer may come to you if you ask. Try asking who you should work with, and go about your day being receptive to that answer, and you may find out someway or feel an answer

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Thank you!