Question About Magick and Symbols

I realized yesterday I have a strong affinity for symbols.

I always have. Show me a piece of art with a wizard fighting a demon and I’m looking at the symbols embroidered on his robe. lol

I also have an affinity for words, but that’s probably because words are symbols.

Sigils, runes, talismans, and wards interest me, but I want to know more about other symbols as well. Where should I start?

Is it effective to create your own symbols?

If you create your own symbol, are you actually creating a thought form that’s linked to the physical representation of the symbol?

Has anyone ever run across the image I attached to this message?

It’s a pentagram at the center of another pentagram. It looks like a pentagram with an inverted pentagram within it.

I saw that symbol pop into my mind while performing energy work. In my mind’s eye, it was rotating. Try it. Just by rotating it slowly, you’ll watch the outer pentagram appear like it’s inverting while the center pentagram changes too.

To me, that symbol represents the union of light (the pentagram) and dark (the inverted pentagram) with the four physical elements and the spirit.

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A symbol that you create will have power. The more you use it, the more power it will have. Get other people to use it as well, and it will gain more power. This is why the symbols we use work: they are very old, and have been used countless times by countless people.

As far as the Pentagram, I won’t weigh in because there are so many interpretations of what the pentagram means.

Thanks for your reply, Chef. I think you’re right.

I know when I’m performing energy work, I can create whatever mental tool I need for the job and it works. Am I actually creating astral tools when I’m doing that?

Everything can be a symbol and yes i think if you create something in the astral that you can use is astral tool.

Thanks for your comment, John. I appreciate everyone’s help.