Question about Glasya-Labolas

I offer it uncooked. Sorry for the late response.


how do you dispose of the offering after

Usually give it to nature

I live ina 3rd flood. Can i toss it out of the window?

I dont want to hurt anyone, I just want that person to be shunned and ignored by friends, family and loved ones and fall into a deep depression, is Glasya the spiritfor that?


Glasya Labolas is a spirit for reconciling friends and foes.
He cannot cause depression.

He is a spirit of knowledge and science.

Try Marbas for causing depression and Raum to damage relationships.
Raum is said to have great dispraise for dignities.

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I employ Marbas only for healing, though I know his sphere of influence is broad. If I want to destroy someone from every aspect, Andras is the agent of chaos to mess up every aspect of the target’s life.

Raum - oh, yes. If you want to destroy a relationship and make the targets each other for a lifetime, Raum is the one, especially for work-type relationships.

Not saying GL nor Marbas cannot do it. Just saying there are more streamlined options in the Goetic realm.


I’m only pointing this out because when doing baneful works, it’s better to be honest, at least with yourself. What you’ve just done is, you’ve contradicted yourself. It’s not going to matter which being you approach, your operation is going to fail. It’s still going to fail to some degree, even if you were brutally honest with yourself right now, because I sense you’re going to have some guilt, which is going to need to be resolved. How do I know you’ll have guilt issues? Because you can’t even be honest and say without any reservation, “I really want to hurt this person!”. :wink:

(er… make the targets hate each other for a lifetime)

Yes, otherwise spells might backfire if you regret doing that baneful magick.