Question about eye focus with Theta Gamma sync

So I’m working through the Mastering Divination course and I’m on the part where I’m supposed to get into the Theta Gamma sync before doing automatic writing. The way Koetting describes it, you’re supposed to look at the line where the wall meets the ceiling and then focus your eyes on a point in midair between the line and your head, which will develop into a trance state. Now, I can do this, but my eyes start crossing pretty easily and it just doesn’t feel that comfortable (and isn’t relaxation supposed to be key?)

I was looking through some threads on here about it and I found one poster giving the advice to instead of looking at a point closer to you, to imagine that you’re trying to look through the wall by focusing on a more distant point. I found that I can do this pretty naturally and start trancing out, so I was wondering if it makes any difference whether I’m focusing on a nearer point or farther point when performing this exercise?


That isn’t the only way of getting into Theta Gamma sync. Sigil gazing is also one method, and easier imo.

if you don’t work with spirits (and thus their sigils but then again you can draw sigils if you’re into chaos magick), you can just draw a random triangle or whatever and gaze at that until it begins to flash - lines disappearing and reappearing.


I guess my question would still apply to that method, then. What kind of gaze should I be using? Do I pull my focus back from the sigil on a point between my eyes and it or do I look through the sigil as if I’m focusing on something far away behind it? Or does it even matter?


You watch corners because they are gateways and places entities hide!


Just pick a spot of the sigil, and gaze at it. Feel yourself relax as you look at that point, and you should see the lines appearing and reappearing.

Don’t focus intensely. Just behold the sigil relaxedly


Same here bro. My eyes get all wonky. It really bothered me at first but eh i just let it happen now

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