Question about Demons of Magick

I’ve been using the petition ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of Magick” book for quite a long time now, and I feel ready to move on to the second ritual in the book “Connective Evocation”, because sometimes I would like to ask questions and receive feedback from certain demons. My question is, would it be possible to perform the petition ritual first and then move straight into the second ritual without having to go through the opening ritual, etc, twice? Obviously I would be working with the same demon. Or would that be asking too much of the demon?



You should just do the connective evocation, if you want to petition do that or the evocation. Don’t do both.

The connective evocation works well just masked sure you establish your desire in the present tense.
“Titan has a lustful aura”
And then go into detail about it or ask the necessary questions.

Sometimes the answers are in tongues and other times they come in visions or other ways, just be receptive to them and don’t write off the ritual as a failure if you don’t hear a booming voice in your head speaking in English.


I see. Thank you for your feedback, Titan.M. In that case I’ll just do the one ritual. I do often (with the petition ritual) have a sense of a “presence”, especially with Bael. So I’m looking forward to practicing with this.