Question about Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield core ritual and coded ritual

How does the core ritual work? Does it have to be done before all rituals? Could someone explain me how the coded cipher ritual works? When do I say the angel names? How to perform the first ritual step by step?

But all of this has been written on there if I remember correctly. @anon37593562 You probably read this book, any ideas? I forgot it so

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read the instructions again. it’s all in the book. there’s like 3 rituals. 1st 2nd and 3rd. 1st being petition, 2nd is invocation, 3rd is evocation. ritual opening and core ritual is included in all 3.


I haven’t got the book with me I’m helping out someone I lent it, I would like to read the book myself

then you have to wait to get the book in front of you.
good luck getting the book back. lol it’s gone for good. haha.

All my good books always never return. hence i don’t loan my out no more. =o)

yes. best friend don’t return them either. lol have to steal it back from them. haha.


He’s not a believer in it he’s my best friend lol, hahaha what type of friends have you got

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frenemies. hence i’m all alone now. go figure!! i don’t need one way friends or fakes and liars. anyways. all i do is give. they just take. i’m tired of those kind of people.

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You should read the instructions again to make sure you understand them and write the ritual on paper.

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The core ritual is that like an LBRP?

Yeah it’s the archangel circle of power and the “gateway to infinity” part.

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don’t question the steps. it’s for safety. just do it.


Highly recommend just buying a copy of the eBook on Amazon, it’s around $10 and you can never lose it even if you lend it out :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you lending the book on demons out, your not helping them out. Who goes around trying to get someone involve with demons? lol how would that sound like to normal people? haha.