Question about constraints using sigil opening


I am planning to help a friend of mine, he is going through a very bad custody dispute. My friend is trying to get custody of his kids as his wife is verbally/psychologically abusive to the kids. My friend was told by his lawyer that he has slim chance of getting full custody as the judge over the case always leans toward the side of the mother in custody matters, and without concrete evidence that the abuse is ongoing the best he can hope for is partial custody. The children have said they wish to live with their father but they are not old enough for their opinion to be taken into account.

I planned on using E.A.'s sigil opening method to have Dantalion of the Goetia to change the mind of the judge. My question is how strict can the parameters be on Dantalion for this working. I don’t want the judges decision to be made due to the kids suffering more or being injured by their mother. I simply want the judge to see who the better parent is and which environment will allow the children to thrive. I don’t wish to cause harm to their mother in any way. Losing their mother would just be one more trauma that the kids would have to endure.

Any advice on the sigil method would be of great help. Thanks in advance.


I’ve never worked with Dantalion so I could be wrong on this, but I would go with Paimon. And yes you can be specific as want to be. But bear in mind the more specific you go, the harder it is to get that exact result.


You can just specify getting the result you want without physical harm coming to their mother in the process. I would go for evocation rather than sigil activation of the entity alone, but thats just me. I evoked Azazel to affect the outcome of a hearing that was down to go against me several months ago. It went in my favour on the day.


Thanks Seeker. The only limitations I will place is that the children are not to be harmed. I had considered Paimon for the working and have not ruled him out. I thought about Dantalion due to his ability to change minds, show similitude and cause love. I thought these were all attributes which could cause the judge to sympathize as a father and rule in my friends favor.


I would agree with Neo’s suggestion to go with full evocation


I would definetly evoke for this type of working but my ability to hold a trance state for extended periods is not developed enough yet. I have been working on it for the last few months but I need more time.


What do U have to lose by trying ? Desperate times call for desperate blah blah blah…


What do U have to lose by trying ? Desperate times call for desperate blah blah blah…[/quote]
Agreed. You don’t get good at evocation by not evoking


I agree and do appreciate the encouragement. I was trying to have the fundamentals of evoking down before evoking, giving myself a higher likelihood of success. This is how I’ve worked through other forms of magic so it’s what I know and what I’m comfortable with. I’m probably over thinking and being too analytical as I have a bad habit of doing. Being able to evoke is a very important step in my journey, I want access to the knowledge and power that evocation offer.

Personally I have nothing to lose by trying to evoke. I can only gain experience either what works or what doesn’t and what I need to work on. I would rather evoke or at least attempt to for my own personal workings before doing so for someone else, especially when they have something to lose.


Performing an evocation can in itself can help you maintain a trance state, all the basic elements needed to evoke help you focus. And the more you do it the easier it becomes.


Consider this option.
Set up and perform the entire evocation ritual for your friend. Treat the process as a test run, go in with the attitude you are only doing the ritual to gain familiarity with the process and steps using your friends outcome as the focus of the ritual.
Once you get into the chamber give the ritual your all. Upon completion accept that it was a learning tool and not imperative, make your notes and then forget about the whole, you were after all “at the driving range”.
Do the sigil work you had planned to do after using the same entity, structure your request such that it is very similar to how it was placed during the ritual.
2 workings, little attachment, 100% experience.


Thanks Soundwave, that’s definetly good advice. I will follow this plan and post results as they materialize. My biggest obstacle to overcome is myself, its time for me to push myself to the next level and get out of my comfort zone. Again thanks to everyone for the encouragement to go to the next level.


Just thought I’d give an update.

My friend had his court appearance bumped ahead of schedule. I was still getting materials together for an evocation when he stopped by with the news. I thought about the suggestions of using Paimon for this work. I showed my friend the sigils of Dantalion and Paimon and asked if either called to him or if he liked one more than the other. He has no knowledge of the entities or their office and chose Paimon.

I opened Paimon’s sigil and all I can say is WOW! I’ve opened sigils before but never had such a physical reaction as with his. While I was opening the sigil I had a candle going nearby and all of the sudden the flame grew from about a 1/4 of an inch to well over two inches and started flaring repeatedly. I took that as a sign of his presence and made my statement of intent. Afterwards my mind felt as if it had been put through a blender and my body was extremely weak and I had a huge lack of energy for two days. My friends hearing was today and he got a lot of good news and will know how the rest plays out at the next hearing. Just wanted to thank Paimon for all he did. I remember E.A. stating what a powerful ally he was and I can definetly agree.


That’s an awesome result. Does anyone else think that sigil openings often become de-facto evocations? This sounds like at least some of the effects are present that one would experience during full evocation save for actually seeing the entity in the incense smoke or mirror.


I can’t say how sigil opening compares to evocation, as I have never done one before. However, I have had some results with sigil opening when it is superimposed on an image you identify as the spirit itself. With my experience, the picture has began to come alive, and will even change it’s appearance so that the picture is halfway the original and halfway distorted, and will begin to move, jumping out of the picture like a sigil jumps of the page. It works primarily like this for the sigil opening, but the residual effects come in dealing with the spirit astrally.

I have been doing this with Ladilok, who I had put the intent of learning from in lucid dreams. I originally created an image just to run with a Radionics computer program called CyberShaman, set to run while I was asleep. However, I found myself concentrating on it one day, and BAM!! The area around me starting vibrating, and as I zeroed in more on it, my head and body began to rumble, cranial pressure began to build, and the original female image began to change. She began slightly moving, then she blinked, her skin color changed, and then she began to walk. I got heat and definitive hand-like pressure resting on my shoulders, and set the machine to run once than happened. A similar activity happened with Bathin, who I ran the same procedure with.

I had my longest running lucid dream to date, and with a woman wearing red being hallmarked through most of it. I haven’t trained any skill in lucid dreaming, so I didn’t get too much from it yet. She was very informative and extremely intelligent, and she brought along two other women. Again, I forgot the whole damn thing, but I do know that I had no dream trigger, and just said, “hey, I’m dreaming.” Nothing guided me to that realization, I just realized I was dreaming out of the blue.

I wouldn’t say this is full-blown evocation, but it certainly contained elements, and produced an obvious result. Any fault with the result was mine really, as I didn’t do a damn thing to continue my focus, nor did I write the dream down at all. It was crystal clear and easy to orient with, too. This type of activity has also acted as a huge momentum starter, as I am a beginner, and with this success and interaction, I am wanting to go further, as it appears that this power was far more accessible than I previously thought. And here I am, priding myself on confiding in spiritual forces, and yet I doubted they would be this close.