Question about Clairvoyance and Anxiety

Weird, horrific images in the dark mostly repetitive

Hey so I’ve been a little anxious of the dark since I was little. A lot of us start off afraid of the dark, of course, but I actively see and hear and feel sensations related to some scary stuff and I’m 18.

I repeatedly sense a woman with an exaggerated face… big ol eyes and mouth… and though I thought this could just be my imagination, the more I read about Clairvoyance and the third eye the more I think this could be some spirit.

It’s involuntary, and happens even if I put a lamp or show or something on… though I sense her much stronger in the dark. Most of the time she’s watching me from somewhere dark.

When I walk down the hall at night she’s in the living room watching. When I wake up at 3:00 AM she’s either looking at me through my mirror/windows/or from under my bed. I even have moments where it feels/sounds/looks like she’s opening my door and peeking in.

I know it’s probably hard to say if she’s a spirit or not, but I’ve been paranoid for years. Does she sound like a spirit? Is there any advice I can be given to deal with here? Idk maybe I’m just easily spooked haha

Another thing that tipped me off this wasn’t normal is that in the past I’ve been fine at other places. But not at my dad’s house or grandparents’ house.

The fear I get from actually seeing her is also super strong, and though I’m normally the “Punch it if it gets threatening” or “It’s the same old house, I’m fine” kinda guy, these visions send me running. The kinda stuff that makes me hold my pocketknife in bed at the ready with me.

Whats worse is my family likes to suddenly come into my room without so much as knocking, so 24/7 it just feels like something’s suddenly jumping into my space haha.

EDIT: So I did draw out a sigil of Lilith and play an audio of her enn trying to learn the pronunciation, but I decided against summoning her until I open my senses some… could that have activated the spirit any more than usual?

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It might be a spirit of someone who lived in the house before your family and you :thinking: I really don’t know how to proceed if it is though :sweat_smile:


Ah, good to know anyways haha.

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Try researching about your jungian shadow. Maybe you can learn more about your fears through facing them.

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