Question about aura and attraction

Hey everyone, I am a complete beginner in magick so please forgive me if I don’t sound correct or don’t quite make sense with what I am about to ask. I have some knowledge on a few topics but I am still quite new

I have heard that integrating a lust deity’s aura can make you emit an aura of attraction but to do so I must build an altar and work directly with the deity and give offerings and meditate in front of the altar and such things like that.

Now, I want to know if there is another method of doing such. I don’t know if this is possible but is it possible to hire someone to remotely imbue/integrate a lust deity’s aura in my energy bodies from the astral? If so, how effective will this be and how long this will last? Is this even possible?

Or if it is not possible to do this with a deity, is it possible for someone to create a thoughtform/energy construct and remotely imbue that aura/energy in my energy bodies from the astral? How effective would this also be? Has anyone done this before?

Please let me know on what I am asking is possible or nonsense or not.

Thanks in advanced.

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