Question about amon

I’m not sure whether it’s just me that’s experienced this.

But I summoned Amon a week ago to reconcile me and my ex whom haven’t been on speaking terms for a month.

She wanted nothing to do with me and was acting stone cold.

Anyways I summoned him and asked him to return her to me and I recall feeling his presence like a warm breeze hitting my face. I promised him tea if she returns and then ended the ritual.

During the days following the request I felt pretty drained to the point I wasn’t even sleeping properly… and I even had an extremely terrifying nightmare.

This isn’t the first time I experienced nightmares from Amon.

Anyways I assumes he didn’t want to work with me and actually thought he was angry with me for some reason and attacking me spiritually so I began to cleanse myself and protect myself from him so to speak.

So fast forward a day ago I received a phone call at 2am from my ex talking about how she needed someone to talk to and so on… and today she added me back on Snapchat!

I was so confused like damn he actually manifested my desire despite me turning against him.

And then I remembered reading a topic on this forum a while back about how Amon always keeps his end of the bargain and demands the same from us.

So today I made him the black tea with a cinnamon stick inside it for good measure lol.

I told him thank you for keeping your end of the deal and now here’s my end.

I also said I hope this quenches any quarrels between us and look forward to a better relationship.

Did I do the right thing?

Also has anyone else experienced this with amon?

He can literally put you through hell but still keep his end of the deal!


I’m surprised he brought back an ex lol

I’m thinking about Amaymon though.

It’s all relative.

Keep offering stuff to dude, and you’ll see some cool shit.

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Why does that suprise you? Isn’t he known for reconciling people and inciting love?

Explain… I’d like to know what cool shit I’ll see lol.

I’m doing my best with him but his energy is so strong it’s like everytime I work with him I get what I ask for but I pay for it with nightmares and headaches

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Hello Jnomadik, I don’t mean to intrude on your topic, but I’d like to ask you how you worked with Amon? How exactly did you reach him and feel him?
I’m not able to see or speak to demons, and I know you need to believe, but I’d like to try a more connective evocation, like you did.

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it’s not about being able to speak with spirits… even I don’t hear directly from him. Same goes for any other spirit. It’s more of a feeling state.

Everybody has this Innate ability to sense a energetic presence.

I simply dim the lights light a candle and incense and then gaze at the sigil until the lines begin to flash like neon lights. Then when it feels right I’ll say the enn until my face feels warm or until I get tingly pin pricks and that’s when I’ll know to make my request.

This is really all it comes down to.

I know it seems hard when your not that open to feeling their presence but trust me even if you summon them and make your request. Even if you don’t “feel them” they still heard.

Just act AS IF they did and thank them.

If anything they’ll respect you more and be more inclined to help because despite your awful senses you still put 100% faith in them, and they’ll see that as admirable.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your kind reply. I’ll try again tonight, with more focus, just like you said. I tried to gaze at the sigil just now, but no flashing lines, it just sort of moved (optical illusion/squinty eyes, I don’t know) and I felt sort of swimmy. That’s as good as I get now, but I won’t give up on contacting Amon :slight_smile:


Feeling swimmy is a great way to put the sensation! You’re doing great :slight_smile:


This’ll sound strange but don’t “focus hard”
relax your face and body.

don’t squint nor stare just gaze.

I pick the middle point of the sigil and gaze at it. Your mind shouldn’t be doing any work and you shouldn’t be thinking of anything else. Let your mind to blank and once you see the lines flash you’ll known to say the enn.

Perhaps it’s the lighting.

I like to do it next to candle light so I can barely see the sigil.

It tends to make the lines flash much more vividly.

You know how you can stare in to a mirror in a dark room under candle light and begin to see your face flash and change and merge in to different shapes??

Same thing with the sigil :wink:


Sorry I keep butting into your threads!!! I just wanted to add a little note on “focus”. When I try to make contact and “focus”, I don’t necessarily mean staring deeply and studying a sigil - but I do have my intentions focused pretty heavily.

For example - let’s say I want to hit up my main man, Lord Rosier.

Setting the scene, dark room, no electric lights or fan (or HVAC). The only light source is a candle to illuminate the sigil (as you said).

The focus: in this hypothetical, I want to call Lord Rosier to work on improving my self image. This thought, this plan is what I focus on internally. And THEN let my physical body relax and gently gaze at the sigil while listening to, or chanting, or whispering the enn. Watch and wait for the feelings (the swimmy feelings, as Morgan put it) and trust he is there.


Haha love rosier. :love_you_gesture:t4:

I tend not to work with him that much as dantalion fulfils the majority of my needs. I’m a heavy hitter when it comes to love magic which isn’t always a good thing but I find rosier to be a little to subtle for my needs.

That may be my issue but hey each to their own lol.

You gotta be careful with dantalion especially with obsession spells because he tends to smack the target so hard they almost put the pieces together :joy: one time he almost blew my cover lmao but nah he’s amazing.

Oh no I agree! When I say don’t think and don’t “focus” I mean don’t TRY to focus, If that makes sense.

What I do is as you said say I’m calling dantalion or Amon to make the target develop feelings for me, I’ll be envisioning a scene us two happily together, and almost zone out (day dream) to that thought.


Where can I find the enn to say?
I paid a spellcaster a couple years ago to bring back an ex through Amon. It took a couple months to manifest… but turned out to be permanent! The funny thing is that I don’t want my ex anymore, but he still wants me. I wanted to try this on someone else but on my own without paying someone. Thank you.

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I am hoping that there are people on this platform whose work is not solely motivated by mundane aims and purposes…

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