Question about activating Seal Of Solmon

I just got a talisman with the 5th and 4th pentacle of Venus. I waited until it was Friday because it corresponds to Venus and waited till near 8 pm to start. I’ve drawn two green circles and put El Shaddai in between the two circles three times to ask for a blessing. I’ve been reading multiple instructions throughout the internet(including forums here) but a lot of them require me to first read aloud Psalms 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53 and 133. That’s a lot of reading for a method that I’m not sure will work. On top of that, there are two pentacles meaning that I would probably have to read that twice. Also after I read that mini-book worth of pslams I have to say Genesis 2:23-24(4th pentacle) and Psalm 22:14(5th pentacle) every time I want to use it, which I’m fine with. I’m asking if there are any alternatives that you guys can offer on how to use my new talisman.

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Lol a long process…

If you have temple incense there, just let the smoke touch the medals.

If you don’t, use consecrated water to clean it, just do normal prayet relating to the work of the Pentacle or the versicle around it.

This things are not hard to handle, but if you’ll follow the ancient way, you will need to draw a circle, lotta ceremony.

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