Question about a book I read

I recently purchased: Lucifer and the Hidden Demons written by Theodore Rose.

Alot of the demons mentioned in this book, I was not able to get more information on (i.e:Laralos)
Has anyone read this book? Who are these deities that he is mentioning in the book?

Hi there

I’ve read the book and I’m currently working with it.

The demons belong in Lucifer legions, that’s why they are so obscure. But in general, the famous ones are those of the Goetia, and even then, only some are frequently mentioned to the point we could call them popular.

I think if you go really far and look up some footnotes here and there you may be able to get more info on them, but other than that, doesn’t seem like there is too much available.


Thank You…I have another question. Hopefully you have an answer…
I did a summoning of Laralos…I dont feel confident as I keep stopping to ensure my visions were on the right path…
Nonetheless, I did a candle spell some time after, is it a form of disrespect to summon a demon and then do a candle spell? It wasn’t for the same thing, but for the same people…

Nah, it’s not disrespectful.

In fact, I’m working in seven different things… for the same person. But I’m telling what I did and plan to do to every demon I ask something. Then again, that’s so their energies don’t clash with each other and work in harmony (I’m assuming, it isn’t like I’m an expert).

I think you’re fine.


I understand and thank you.
My target is a narcissist so I feel like I have to “double down” on summons and magick to get to them…

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Some people happens to be way more resiliant. Just plan your strategy. On a personal note, I don’t believe there is such thing as defenseless people, so it is better to just work with them to achieve what you want than against them.

Like manipulation, make them believe it was their own idea.

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