Quesrion about stichomancy(?)

So I recently heard about this type of divination and it really intrigues me.
I’ve been working with a spirit from the BoA to help with my divination and He has been working wonders and has become a great teacher.He’s tought me to trust my readings and has given me methods to obtain answers I didn’t even have questions for.

But I digress.

Could someone explain how stichomancy is done for me please?

All I know is that it involves opening a book particularly a grimoire or holy book to a random page to find your answer.

If some could explain the “nuts and bolts” of the operation I’d appreciate it.

Forgot to mention.

After I’ve done some more work with this spirit I will be putting myself out there and giving a few free readings.
If they go well I’ll continue to do more.

I look forward to reading for you guys and hope I can provide you with the answers you seek!


Stichomancy is a type of divination I do regularly. You can do it in barnes and noble, from a library, or even with your personal computer. If you want to use a web tool check out the site below, and if you have plenty of pdf documents you can use your computer’s library. Just click on a random book and scroll to a random page.