Hello everybody
first of all i wish you all a great new year
I’ve been trying to invoke Lucifer for some time now.
and more and more often I begin to feel ill, I have a headache, I feel dizzy, and I sweat a lot. I also want to vomit
I also feel sensations that I did not know, I feel “going away” then I start to be afraid and it stops immediately
what do you think that means?
thank you very much

I believe in golden dawn rituals (and other books I’ve read tbh) it’s explained that this is due to the fact that you don’t have a stable field around you that sets up a neutral space (your circle, in magical terms) and thus when another entity’s energy and field comes in, or is invoked, it creates such a drastic difference in fields, and your body is bearing the brunt of this, so you feel it. Especially since it generates a lot of heat. I know from studies and experience most violent accidents are the effect of being overheated energetically. This can lead to death in severe cases or incredible accidents in your environment. Get up to speed on the basics (grounding, banishing, neutralizing energy and erecting your circle and such). Essentially you’re an astronaut without gear going out into space… so yeah, you’re going to feel that.


Thank you narcissa