Quality Astral Travel

so I have scoured the forums on this topic and really didnt find a good remedy to this problem, that I know other people have to this topic.

Quality astral travel and techniques and methods to get a better “workout” when it comes to practice.

This is coming from someone who can communicate well with entities, but lack the ability to explore the realms.
A. Skrying not a problem (fire, water, incense, ice, crystal/mirror, tarot)
b. Evocation, also not a problem
c. Continious practicioner of yoga, meditation, tantra. Well just yoga in general, you get my point.
d. Sigil activation, well I usually dont use one after the first couple workings… Really dont know if thats good or bad?

Now, walking around the house in the astral doing chores and whatever, well the glitching never occurs too often. Meaning I can lay a cards or dice and guess 2 out of 3 everytime.

I am at the point where I dream I am not too lucid and when the projection reflex finally occurs, remembering it is a problem. I also see darts out of the corner of my eyes and know magic pretty good and I practice, practice, and practice.

I am at the point where I know a lot of the skills that is talked about on the forum but I want more out of my practice time to get a quality “workout”

p.s. I have read robert bruce’s astral dynamics until it fell apart. Rope tech, doesnt work too well for me. And books on the subject is a dime a dozen on my shelf. Quite honestly, books are pointless for me at this point. There is nothing that beats actually going out there and finding out for yourself.

If you have advice, I would love to hear it. If you have something to say outside the public eye, please feel welcome to pm me. I usually write back.


Question do you have to open sigils to evoke

Im not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you asking if any person can evoke without sigils or if I, personally, can evoke without sigils?

Either of which I will answer both to save space and time.

Yes, a person can evoke without sigils. From research it seems that sigils are kinda new to magic. It is used as an archetype for the mind to attune to the specific enery. Wouldnt be suprised if someone around here has a better answer.

As for myself. I started out opening sigils without using a medium for manifestation (incense smoke, mirrors, etc). Just drawing them on paper and going at it.

Then I grew into physical manifestation techniques. (thank you koetting).

Now, if its something I have worked with, no sigil. If its something I havent worked with, I will use one for a focal point. When I am comfortable with what I have called, I usually discard then sigil. By that time its “burned” within my eye and can see it without looking at it.

Does that answer your question? Or are you looking for something else?

Yes thats all i wanted to know.ive had trouble opening sigils

I understand. It’s kinda tricky to get acclimated to some of there practices. Honestly, when I first started it was smoke and mirrors as to how this all manifest by verifiable results. I popped up around here the summer before the divination course took off. So a lot of my research comes from some of the comments on the boards, then I would fact check and take what I could use at my skill level. Then grew from there.

I would compile what you already know and can do into a notebook or index cards. Then make a second pile to what you want to know. Then compare your success rate to current skill level and see what you need to work on.

Take it one step at a time. You are either having trouble getting into the right states or troubke noticing you are there. Write down your process and finding out what you need to work on should be right in front of you.

When I do all of that and a “step” is made in the right direction burn that piece of paper(s) you wrote on that help identify your problems. When I do that I feel like I am burning away the weakness and blocks that plagued me to get where I am at. Its kinda silly, but it helps.

Also I cant stress the importance of practice and looking for techniques that actually work.

If you want to improve your lucid dreaming, there are things you can do to improve it. For starters, pick up a copy of Carlos Castaneda’s The Art of Dreaming, and then read a little bit of it before bed each night. It’ll make more sense in the context of his other work, but I think you’re knowledgeable enough to make use of it now.

Also, there was a thread a bit back where people were discussing lucid dreaming:


There are some good suggestions in there, and I have post that gives some techniques that should help you.

As a second tip - the next time you actually become lucid in dreaming (or the next time you astral project), enter into internal silence (theta-gamma sync). In my experience, if you do this in a lucid dream, you will soon enter into another state which I call a vivid dream - a hyper-real state which appears much more vivid than even real life. If you succeed, try to keep it short and sweet for two reasons: 1) it is very energetically taxing, so your dreaming attention will fade quickly, and 2) if you get taxed out before you wake up, you may forget you did it. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

“vivid dreaming”? I like that. It sounds very similar to the concepts in the movie Inception without the drugs and technology. Interesting. I also read the link and it appears that the “sanp to” technique works pretty well. Pinching your self while you are at work to verify what consciouness you are in. The thing I find interesting is that someone posted that the lines begin to blur as to what state the person is in. Where there is no dreaming just straight consciousness in whatever brainwaves the body is emitting.

If that is the case then how do you identify what state you are actually in? I would assume there are subtle differences, however at some point sanity appears to be compromised. Not to mention the effects when an entity appears before you. That red pill is a bitter mofo.

It is interesting that you mention carlos castaneda’s works. Heard of him in school (anthropology major), but never read his works. I also seen his name mentioned in the shapeshifting boards, I will definately check into that. Thank you

I appreciate your advice. Thanks.

Wait, let me understand. You can’t astral project and you want advice on that? Because the OP was a bit confusing…

If that’s so, then why don’t you summon Paralda, Thalos or Satagraal? They can help you with projection a lot. Paralda can also help with lucid dreaming.

[quote=“Elison, post:8, topic:1980”]Wait, let me understand. You can’t astral project and you want advice on that? Because the OP was a bit confusing…

If that’s so, then why don’t you summon Paralda, Thalos or Satagraal? They can help you with projection a lot. Paralda can also help with lucid dreaming.[/quote]

“Quality astral travel and techniques and methods to get a better “workout” when it comes to practice.”

I think the idea is that he can project, but he needs some way to do more useful things with it. I think your spirit suggestions are good ones.

those are some good suggestions, thanks. However, I have learned a good bit from paralda. Not too familiar with the others but my point is that I barked up that tree and I really dont want to waste a scone and pinch of incense to be redundant.

I like to learn from many sources. Spirits are damn good teachers, but sometimes real people can help. Especially when it comes to something that can fuck you up with a drastic shift in perception.

Knowing how to make kool-aid (to me) is a good question for spirits. Knowing how much to drink in one sitting is a question I would ask a person. Especially when someone has drank that much and know how to operate well under those conditions. In other words I am tired of grape and kinda want to experience cherry.

Oh, there are spirits that can tell you this better than humans. :stuck_out_tongue: Dionysus. LOL

on my way home I stopped by the local book store to look for castaneda’s work. The one and only copy was the Art of Dreaming. I already read the first couple of chapters, legit.

Thanks for the tip redcircle.