QnA with Jesus The Ascended Master

Gnosticism determines the bad characteristics of God the “evil” side the Old Testament of thr wrathful god was the Demiurge. Whereas the good side is I believe Abraxas.

However, in Catholicism, Abraxas is a pagan god and is therefore a demon

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If that’s how you were raised to believe it.
I question everything and don’t see it that way.
Jesus was a Sorcerer attempting to teach dumbass Jews his Sorcery, but their Jewish upbringing fucked up their assumptions about what he was trying to convey.

All the prophets of the Bible were Sorcerers too.
What is the difference between Prophecy and Divination?
Of Spell casting and prayers?
Of Sorcerers and sons of god?
Of worship and spirit summoning?
Confiscation and Stealing?
It’s the same shit?
It can be said that the Bible is the recorded history of ancient Witchcraft and Sorcery, albeit without all the “how to do it” omitted. Maybe the Vatican has all the omitted material. Maybe that’s why in the Sworn Book of Pope Honorius it lists all the Sorcery that was practiced in the Catholic Church. Make these so-called Saints (Sorcerers) do miracles to keep the faithful dumbshits obedient to their slave ideology and rake in the riches.


I consider myself a Vitki-a Norse Shaman and I do divination and spell casting. Does that make me a sorcerer if there is a term for what I am? I use divination mostly to learn gnosis and for spell casting, I do that to protect myself from entities around me. Only thing it doesn’t help me with is being an Empath

True, but Paul wasn’t a disciple. Yes, Apostle; no, disciple. He was persecuting the early Christians and then he encountered Jesus, he converted, went to Arabia for three years to learn from Jesus and then he went back to Jerusalem to see if his experiences were legitimate and James, Peter, and John agreed that what Jesus had taught him in Arabia, he had taught to the disciples while he was alive.

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Kinda, keep at it.

Definition of Sorcery:
The manipulation of astral energies, whether they be of one’s own (internal pranas, soul) or another’s (spirit’s or other people’s soul).

Sorcery, in a nutshell, simply means the act of causing astral forces (energy) to effect this physical plane. Thus, many sorcerers devote their time to idolizing certain astral beings who help their Ascent in this physical life, and beyond.

Two types, internal and external.
Manipulation of astral energy of internal spirits is Tantra/Yoga/Meditation.

Manipulation of astral energy of external spirits is Summoning/Conjuring.

Types of Sorcery

An example of Sorcery for Muggles would be when experiencing sex, the astral energies begin to accumulate in the sexual regions and if continued concentration is made will explode in pleasure in that area.

It requires effort and focus to make this happen, the same is it with any other type of Sorcery.

Bringing awareness to other Chakras can do other really cool shit, like various siddis. These can be found in the Shambala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen, under Chakras.


I been interested in Magick, for some time, but never practiced it. I wouldn’t want to wish anybody dead, or badly injured. Maybe magick for my health, and other’s health.

I, myself, have had problems with religion, but not of Jesus, for He is without walls. The problem is when religion, comes between you, and him, where it, demands so much of your attention. For instance Magick, and Jesus, both require much faith, and persistence, and not being lazy, while putting forth some real effort. Fascinating topic here. Another one, from my experiences, is that prayer, is actually a real thing, and be careful, with what you ask for. I do like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Much of life, is soul searching.


Prayer is very real. I hate the catholic paradigm and i still use prayer to send people premonitions and give enemies nightmares :blush:.

If i ask through prayer, it simply happens. Its weird. Wondering if it has something to do with the seal of solomon.


A prayer is simply a request whether it be to a god or “God”


I love Jesus because he preached love and while he did proclaim that we’d all be Judged on our faith and deeds, i think Love was his greatest point as both precept and example.


“judge not lest ye be judged”

“he without sin cast the first stone”

“By this shall all men know you are my disciples if you love one another”


I wasn’t raised a Christian. I converted when I was 15, and officially left when I was 24.

Divination is the use of external tools to predict the future, like Tarot, Runes, or the entrails of cattle. Prophecy is the ability to know the future without tools, either through visions or a strong sense of intuition. I am a prophet, and I receive knowledge of the future through visions. I also have a particular knack for various forms of divination, but they are very different.

Casting a spell is declaring your will over your world. Prayer is asking a separate entity to align their will with yours.

Anyone can be a sorcerer, but not everyone can become the son of a god.

Worship is the acknowledgment that something is much greater than you and all you can hope to do is serve it with your life. Spirit summoning is evoking your power to make something that didn’t exist before come into existence for the sake of serving/helping you with something.

I hope that things confiscated end up back in your possession. Stealing is a little more permanent, and I don’t know what this has to do with anything.

No, no it’s not.

Show me one Catholic or Orthodox Saint that was rich. In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches simony, or selling spiritual things for money, is a grave matter. Those Christians who were capable of the most impressive miracles were usually dirt poor. You find me a saint who was wealthy, such a thing does not exist.


While true, we cannot forget that certain Catholic Churches in Europe were corrupt in the sense they sold Pardons which allowed for “one free sin” but corruption lies within everything. Just a Christian can be corrupt so too can a Buddhist(Which kind of defeats the purpose) a Jew, A Muslim, A hindu and so on and so on.

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Mother Theresa for instance, she performed a lot of miracles and wanted nothing in return for it

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I don’t believe you.
Sounds like you are doing everything to defend it.

So where did the Catholics get all their riches from?
They have some elaborate set ups.

You’re seeing what you wanna see.

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That is a corruption on the teaching of indulgences and not at all what they’re for. While I’m pretty sure that indulgences are bogus, allow me to teach you the official teaching on it.

The Catholic Church teaches that all actions produce either merit or demerit. They also teach that there is a spiritual object known as the treasury of the saints (little ‘s’ saints, so the whole Church) and it is a collection of the infinite merits of Jesus, in addition to those of his blessed mother, and those of all the Saints (capital ‘S’ Saints, so those who are canonized in heaven) who weren’t working off their own demerit. If you die in a state of grace, but still possessing demerit, you go to Purgatory to earn your merit through suffering through the flames. If you die in a state of grace, while possessing no demerit, you go straight to hell. An indulgence, is the Pope, using his authority to bind and loose, to loose the merits held within the treasury of the saints at the performance of a specific action. The Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican recently changed the laws on indulgences. It used to be that each indulgence was given for an equivalent days amount of penance. However, this caused confusion. So now all indulgences are either partial or plenary. In order to receive a partial (a partial omission of demerit) indulgence you need to be baptized and be in a state of grace. And in order to receive a plenary (full and complete remission of demerit) indulgence, you need to have gone to Confession at least two weeks prior, you need to receive communion, and you need to pray for the intentions of the Pope. So, there is no “free sins” only an action to reduce demerit after the sin has already been forgiven.

Sorry about the in depth explanation, I didn’t want anything to get lost in your understanding of, while not a complicated subject, it is one rife with misconceptions.

She’s St. Theresa of Calcutta now, but most people still refer to her as Mother Theresa. Just like how St. Pio of Pietrelcina is still referred to as Padre Pio. But yes, the life of St. Theresa is an inspiring one.

Nope, I keep stating how three of the four canonical gospels having mythical additions, and you believe that this is a common Christian belief?

This is just something that I know a lot about, and I can’t stand people running off their mouth about things they don’t know. You were the one who came on here specifically to bash Jesus and Christianity, on a thread about someone’s experience. So, I decided to take you down a peg, and here we are several posts and several days later. I can’t lie that I’m enjoying this, but you’re too young and too uneducated to go toe to toe with me on this subject that I spent so much of my life.

Most of the riches of the Catholic Church are tied up in real estate and art. The Catholic Church is one of the most charitable organizations in the world. That said, the Church isn’t run by Saints, unfortunately.

That’s true, but ditto. Everyone has a bias, I acknowledge mine, you should too. You still haven’t found me a rich saint. :smile:[quote=“Mani, post:74, topic:61008”]
Just a Christian can be corrupt so too can a Buddhist(Which kind of defeats the purpose) a Jew, A Muslim, A hindu and so on and so on.

Yes, I agree. I wasn’t saying that Catholics are incorruptible or something. Just that, the Saints are above and beyond what normal humans do, that’s why they’re canonized.


You win.
I have nothing more to say.

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Matthew 17:20
Move the mustard seed or you have no Faith.

Apologists can defend a faith or belief without believing it in of themselves. It is possible for someone to defend something without them believing in it.


You know the Bible has been heavily edited, right?

As I recall the Serpent told the truth in the Bible. Whereas the Abrahamic god said we would die immediately upon eating from the fruit. If Adam and Eve did die like the 3 Parasitic Slave Death Cults of the World claim, we wouldn’t be here. Instead they died like 900 fucking years later after procreating enough of us.
The “Liar from the Beginning” is this Abrahamic god, contrary to what we were indoctrinated in Church with.
What was the deception?

Only Slave Cults demand worship & servitude, in Satanism there is no Worship & no Servitude, we are our own gods, no knee will bow.

Their options were:
Remain as a slave in this small enclosure or become like a god and explore the unknown. Self- deification is the Great Work.

The Serpent liberated us from bondage and thru Witchcraft and Sorcery, (the secret knowledge of Heaven as is referenced in the Book of Enoch which is why the Catholic Church removed this book to keep people as Slaves to their system of control), allowed us to exceed the limitations of a god.

Abrahamic Slave Death Cults keep people powerless so that when they die they are defenseless against the predatory spirits that exist out there. It keeps you defenseless by keeping you ignorant of what Faith/Evocation really is. Study that which they forbade, there’s a reason. They don’t want you to know the truth.

Satan wants man to know himself and evolve to become a living god. Yoga & meditation are considered Satanic because it is a threat to the Church, they don’t want another Sorcerer Jesus to come and mess up all that they have created.

Christianity is a made up religion, created by his dumbass disciples. Jesus didn’t want people talking about what miracles he did for them (John 9:6), but these dumbshits couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Jesus knew that if he got caught doing magick he would get the death penalty because witchcraft was forbidden, Exodus 22:18

Why couldn’t Jesus have died for everyone’s sins when he was an infant and King Herod was trying to kill all the new first born babies? Why wait 30+ fucking years later to do it?

Abrahamic Death Cults will come up with the craziest bullshit to explain their death cult.

Another word for Sorcerer is Exorcist. Since Jesus could cast spirits out, he knew how to manipulate astral entities to get them to obey him. (Sorcerer Solomon also knew these things.)

Therefore when the Pharisees accused Jesus of Sorcery, they knew WTF they were talking about, and him being in league with Bezeelbub or Satan, makes Jesus a Satanic Sorcerer.

Everyone thinks Satanic means pure fucking evil, couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything we’ve been shown as to what is considered Satanic comes from Fictional Sources created by those indoctrinated in an Abrahamic Death Cult so as to keep Slaves fearful and in line with what they believe to be true.
“Truly, the Blind leading the Blind.”

Satanic Sorcery is about becoming your own god thru manipulation of internal and external astral forces.
Then using your powers to help others evolve to your status. Like when Jesus did good and tried teaching his coven of Warlocks his Sorceries, but their Jewish views conflicted with his message and their asinine assumptions about who and what Jesus was became the foundation of all Christian beliefs. The faithless Disciples fucked it all up.

The greatest lie ever told was that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, when he was really crucified for being a Satanic Sorcerer. (Mark 3:22). He went to Hell for 3 days, to study with his god, Satan.

He was crucified for the same reason witches were burned at the stake, to suppress occult knowledge and to keep people as Slaves in this Death Cult that plagues Humanity.

Satanic Sorcerer Jesus was trying to teach people how to evolve thru Sorcery and pass the limitations of a god, to become a living god and was murdered for it.


Well said!

The Vatican is definitely hiding a lot