Qliphotic Meditation - Nahemoth/Lilith

I made this music meditation for anyone wishing to enter the qliphothic realm of naamah in their meditations. The video repeats the Qliphothic formula of nahemoth 11 times in total, and the binaural frequencies aid in opening this qlipha too.

You can also use this to balance the root chakra using a darker energy. I hope you all enjoy it.


Wish it wasn’t such a bad quality recording. Its not a bad idea, just a bad recording. It almost broke my headphones and this was in half volume.

Thats weird, it worked fine on me and my gfs headphones are you sure its not a volume issue? If it is a problem ill try and fix it

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The audio sounds fine for me. Will you be doing more for each Qlipha?

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Maybe try and not push so hard on the volume… Certain frequencies distort a lot that’s what I meant…

Fantastic awesome work!!!

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