Qliphothic Invocation & Evocation Pathworking

So if I’m doing a pathworking in this book can I skip a spirit if I don’t have everything I need yet for that specific ritual?

Which book do you mean?

You can adapt the ritual for your specific socio-economic circumstances

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This 1:

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Anyway, I think that Asenath proposes overall affordable operations, and if not, they are easily adaptable to the practitioner’s needs and circumstances. You should read the “Draconian Ritual Book”, as despite its name it almost doesn’t contain rituals, but all the theoretical stuff that will help you understand how things work in the Draconian path

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So if it’s says you can use red wine or pomegranate juice can I just use whatever juice I have??

I use tea, because it was Ilonqueen’s favorite drink

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I used water once. I used nothing once, drank from an empty cup and it worked. It’s just symbolism. Cranberry juice also works.


@Maxwell Gotcha! Thanks!:+1:

@MagusOfGamaliel I’ll check it out! Thanks!

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OKAY. So I just did the invocation to Naamah and there was a part were it says “use this as chant” I wasn’t quite sure on how many times I was supposed to say it…I

think I said it 15-20 times I’m not sure but I also combined it with her Enn and I was saying that a few times and then I said the Invocation…I don’t feel

different the flames from the candles didn’t go crazy or anything… but once you say a Invocation there a part of you right?!is that how it works?

Could you please explain it again but more calmly?

Read the book, but build the temple within your soul. This will give you everything you need for the rituals. Be the source of your magical will! :wink:

As Magus says, you should start with the draconian ritual book but after that i suggest that you aim to read the Qliphothic Meditations first before the Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations also because that this is a followup, vol 2 for the Qliphothic Meditations.

This is how im starting now i already got in the mail both of those grimoires but now im waiting for the draconian ritual book to arrive somewhere this week so i can start.
Cause there is a lot of things to understand, clarify and practice on before you jump to the “higher levels” (lets just call it that)

All i can say is (at least what i’m doing)
Is to do the research.
Meditate meditate meditate.
Practice practice practice.
(Ofc not to drain urself with it there is a line but still u got the point) xD