Qliphoth Experiences


I’m curious about how doing the Qliphoth changed you guys who went through it, what kind of trials you went through, what it did for you, basically your experiences.

Not a lot of people have talked about it, so time to share guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am working with Naamah I have yet to evoke her but the invocation was intense to say the least, I’ve never been good with dream magick, however the energies of the first sphere definently made itself known esepcially in terms of general libido, clairvoyance, and astral magick.

A few examples: I’ve never been the one for BDSM and well let just say me and my partner had a lot of fun, my loved one & I are used to a specific dynamic however that all changed in terms of quality time inbetween the bedsheets, esepcially with godess inside my head. We basically had a whole lot more time as well as more enjoyment for each others company, and I feel more open and can express myself in that specific regard than I ever were able to before, my partner certainly didn’t mind the change, Naamah helped me express my emotions and explore my desires as well as to enjoy them.

She also made me enjoy my spare time more, finding fun things to do & break certain habits and principles of mine, like for example I had stayed of sugar for years as well as smoking, well she basically made realize it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, and I definently live in a way more lustfull and more joyful existence because of it. Not to say it wasn’t all that lovely to begin with something I had basically promised myself to never do again, like say vaping.
In reurn for indulging I feel more complete and happy as a person, than I ever did spending all my time obsessing about my health never really living so to say.

She also helped increase my clairvoyance in many ways but descibing this it’s going to become an extremly lengthy message, this should do for now.

I apologize if it’s a little too much detail however you asked for it, so enjoy it. :wink:


Awesome experience!

From what I understood, you’ve only just begun, with the first sphere - Nahemoth, right?

Or are you working with Naamah only, and getting into the first sphere with her help?

I’ve been inside & worked with first sphere for about 5 months now it could’ve gone faster however I didn’t realize initially what happened until promise after promise & principle after principle was broken - I am a stubborn son of a bitch but I guess even Taurean stubrness can’t win against Naamah.

Up until ntil now I’ve been traveling to her in her relam to recieve her guidance. Since I’ve allowed myself to go this far, and I generally feel like I can’t extrakt anything else, there’s not a lot I can proccess from the relam at this point, with that in mind I guess I’ll have to move on to the next sphere or attempt to see what else she has to say to me before I move on.

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I work with the Qliphoth in a systematic way for more than a year so far. My interest comes from working with the Tree of Life for many years and I use to have experiences of Qliphotic realms without knowing what is actually happening. So, Qliphithic magic came into my life without knocking on my door :slight_smile:
I guess it’s well known that working with Qlipoths is dangerous and intensive and from my experience, it’s true. At the same time, it gives me a certain amount of wisdom that I need.
It changed me a lot, especially my understanding of life. I can say that I’ve received some insights that are hidden from the humankind and I’m starting to understand the reasons for that. I’m talking about forces that are old as the universe itself, very abstract and hard to explain.
My dreams became very strong, as well as vivid dreams and astral projections. A couple of times I’ve experienced some paranormal phenomenon, but I don’t find it to have some particular significance to me.
It’s a demanding path, with no shortcuts and for me, it’s something that has a true value.


The Qlipphoth made me into a different being. It was completely grueling and it was hard but I don’t regret a single invocation or soul travel when I worked the Nightside. It helped me deal with my trauma and completely rewired the way I see things as a whole.


When you work with one side, you also end up working with the other


Interesting, in what ways have you found it dangerous and intensive?

I can speak only from my experiences. It doesn’t mean it applies to others.
It’s dangerous simply because I activated forces in myself that are destructive, rebellious and so on… I’m in a mood to question my fundamental goals and aspirations. Many things in my life I’ve created so far doesn’t seem to represent my true nature. So, I can say that I find myself to be in a place where I feel more like an imprisoned by what I became so far than anything else.
I also find that working with Qliphoth is hard to control. Just after few deep breaths, I can find myself to be in a state of trance, overwhelmed with strong sensations and visions. Quite often I feel drained, but sometimes I feel so rejuvenated.
I believe that working with Qliphoth is a lifelong journey and if it’s taken seriously it can lead me where I truly belong.
Thanks for asking :+1: