Qliphoth Experiences

Just wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to talk with me about their experiences self-innitating through the Qliphoth and some of the trials they went through. Feel free to PM or comment here

I had a pretty intense experience in meditation after my first initiation and have been feeling fairly wonky since. I did some preliminary research but would love to talk to others


Would also like to know about this.

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Here I would like to describe some of the Qliphothic experiences as I had them on May 29th, 2020, it will be difficult to describe things, but I try to reproduce the events as detailed as possible.
It all started when I contacted my Qlipha Spiritual Teacher Thaumiel and asked him to explore the mysteries of the Qliphas more deeply in order to better initiate my students into the Qliphoth. He asked me three times if I could take it and if I was ready for what I was going to see. I answered in the affirmative three times.
Suddenly I found myself in the Qlipha Lilith, in front of me a tree grew out of the ground with all 10 Qliphas. I was still wondering how that was possible since the tree of knowledge is a whole model. Naamah then appeared to me and laughed and said that every qlipha was connected to every other and that every single qlipha would exist in every other qlipha.
However, this would result in a model of 10 x 10 Qliphas, i.e. 100 Qliphas in total, of which the magical literature only describes 10.
My spiritual teacher from Thaumiel appeared to me again and said that with my current level of spiritual development he would only allow me to travel halfway into the first 50 Qliphas.
In the following I give my experiences of the first 50 Qliphas as I was allowed to experience them.
For a better understanding I use the already known names of the Qliphas and will first write the actual Qlipha and after the hyphen the name of the Qlipha in the Qlipha.
For example Lilith - Golachab

1 . Qlipha Lilith-Lilith.
Here I perceived something like the “original” material life.
It was a kind of chaotic swamp of material energy and the whole thing wasn’t solid or gross but somehow it wasn’t liquid either.
Basically it was a sphere of the pure dark earth element, I learned the relationship between the earth element around me and within myself.
Suddenly the environment began to change and the swamp became a kind of “world”, optically I perceived it as a “winter landscape”. I can only compare it to a snow-covered field when it has snowed in winter and it is the dead of night. You can’t see anything around you anymore, but the snow on the ground seems to glow somehow.
But the snow was not made of water and here I learned overall how the duality really came about on a material level.

  1. Qlipha Lilith-Gamaliel
    This Qlipha is generally difficult to describe because it contained no correct form and no correct substance, the pure astral plane was true without manifestation or anything else, but on this plane it is possible to gain direct knowledge about oneself.
    The energy there can be compared with the water element and I would personally call it “water of death”, it contained destructive vibrations and would kill an uninitiated or let it go into formlessness. It seemed to me as if one could really die mentally here, that is, dissolve as a spiritual being. Then suddenly I saw this black water, it evaporated and became a kind of smoke and here, too, it was about a realization in relation to the duality in the material water area.

  2. Qlipha Lilith-Samael
    This Qlipha can be compared with the Abyss, which actually only appears much later in the Qliphoth, but this Abyss was of a material nature, as if the dark adept had to let his body pass through. This was about understanding yourself and I was mercilessly confronted with myself.
    The dark air element reigned here, but it was a rigid, immobile air.
    It was the air in its strongest material compression that is possible at all. It was incredibly quiet but cold in this Qlipha.

  3. Lilith-A’arab Zaraq
    The Qlipha appeared to me as a desert, but at the same time as the place of origin of the four material elements as we know them. Here I learned how I can work with myself to improve or “refine” myself to become a dark diamond.
    Here I saw how all material life consists of these elements and is assembled.
    It could also be described as a dark life in perfection.

  4. Lilith-Thagirion
    Here I saw the dark fire element, the flame was blue and there were no properties such as heat or cold. This qlipha represented the center of the material dark creation.

  5. Lilith-Golachab
    This Qlipha had to do with the subject of death or with the destruction and withering away of matter. At the same time, this material, dead energy was not just dead but there seemed to be a dead vitality in it, as stupid as it may sound. At the same time, the principle of immortality lay in this Qlipha, a form of the dark necromantic alchemy This Qlipha was about the victory of the spirit over matter.

  6. Lilith - Gha’agshebla
    Here I became extremely concerned with the impermanence of matter, the natural decay of things. However, this Qlipha was something else entirely:
    I experienced this Qlipha like a kind of gate out of the material world.
    Here I also found the Qliphothic seal, or learned the Qliphothic sigil magic which has its origin in this Qlipha.

However, my journey through the Qliphas within the Qlipha Lilith ended here and I was supposed to go through the portal of this Qlipha, through which I came to the Qlipha Gamaliel, which also stands for the outermost dark astral plane. Here I left the material realm of the Qliphoth.

  1. Gamaliel Lilith
    From here on the really confused experiences began, this Qlipha appeared to consist entirely of characters, it resembled the rune systems of the Nordic peoples.
    Everything in this Qlipha was created from these characters, yes the Qlipha itself was a kind of mandala from these symbols. When I wanted to go to a point in the Qlipha, the environment began to rotate around me so that the desired point always came to me and I didn’t have to go there. Here I was initiated into the Qliphothic runic magic and the demon runes. Everywhere there are portals to new mandalas, this Qlipha consisted, as I said, only of symbols and characters or the manifestation of sounds and written mantras. The mandalas themselves were constructed in the shape of a trapezoid.
    There were three “guardian demons” who made sure that no abuse happened, these entities had the authority to deny or restrict the entry of the traveler so that I could only explore certain parts of this Qlipha.
    I give the names of these three guards in the Hebrew letters. These are not the real names of these guards, but they allowed me to pass on their names decoded in this way.
    Guardian 2: BETH RESH NUN GIMEL
    Guardian 3: BETH GIMEL PE

  2. Gamaliel-Gamaliel

Here I experienced a kind of infinite sea of ​​stars or the dark astral plane as a kind of cosmos with individual stars. There was a subtle connection here that could lead one into the material universe, but the matter here was not emphasized.
In the center of this structure was a gigantic cube with various symbols from the “demon runes” the structure reacted to thoughts so that the individual layers could be adjusted as with the “magic cube”, thereby creating new demon names, a kind of name generator for demonic names.
This was about understanding the dark astral plane.

  1. Gamaliel-Samael
    A kind of combination of the different elements could be found here, only that they were no longer of a material nature. It was about traveling through the different Qliphas on the astral plane.
    Quasi a place with portals to all kinds of different Qliphas.
    However, there are also portals that lead to material Qliphas, i.e. into the Qliphas within the Qlipha Lilith.

  2. Gamaliel - A’arab Zaraq
    This was about the principle of spiritual progress through the application of the energy of the thoughtless light She-ein bo mashavah.
    Here the thoughtless light She-a bo mashavah is visually perceptible in various forms of vibration. The principle of darkness or darkness was also clearly illustrated here.

  3. Gamaliel - Thagirion
    This was about the so-called “soul parts” or what was often referred to in esotericism as “higher self”, “holy guardian angel” etc.
    Here I learned to reintegrate these parts into myself, whereby I had the knowledge that I am not my material body but that the material body is only a fraction of my totality. Although I had heard of such things up to now and mentioned it as lip service, through this experience I suddenly understood what this realization was all about.
    I realized that I am not limited to my physical environment but can move in different Qliphas at the same time.
    This Qlipha was very difficult to travel to because it was protected by several barriers in golden color, apparently the soul parts of the magician should be protected from him before he is ready to integrate them into himself.
    There were also portals to the soul parts of other people and portals to the bodies of other living beings in this universe, including portals to human bodies.
    Still other portals led to earlier incarnations and time travel was also possible here.
    In these time travel, however, it was more of a reliving of the past and one could not actively intervene in the past .

  4. Gamaliel - Golachab
    This was about destroying everything you are not, i.e. the fake personalities and wrong roles. At the same time you could also get to know wrong material things, so-called plastics. At the same time I could see how these plastics and artificial objects were made.

  5. Gamaliel - Gha’agshebla
    This was about self-reflection, about recognizing who you really are, I was told that this self-reflection is important in order to be able to travel unscathed into the deeper Qliphas.
    At the same time, illusions could also be experienced or I was confronted with everything I had lied to myself about. All self-lies took shape here and it was up to me to purposefully resolve them.

Again, I was not allowed to enter the last three Qliphas and went straight to the next Qliphas, namely the Qliphas within the Qlipha Samael.

  1. Samael - Lilith
    This was about magical knowledge.
    I saw the most diverse symbols in a more dimensional view, here I got to know Qliphothic geometry. The aim here was to manifest the energies of the Qliphas on a material level or to invoke the various energies of the Qliphas in rituals and use them for magical work. In any case, this Qliphothic geometry was very abstract.

  2. Samael - Gamaliel
    This is about special magical practices.
    This Qlipha was like a labyrinth and received access to several Qliphas in our universe.
    Here I learned how to understand the structure of our universe and how one can manipulate fate in one’s favor through small visualization and interventions in this structure.

  3. Samael - Samael
    This was about a different and more abstract form of logic which, however, should be of no interest at this point. I would have to write my own book about this philosophical logic alone and will therefore not go into it in more detail.

  4. Samael - A’arab Zaraq
    Here I got to know the demonic rulers of the various planets (Venus Mars Saturn Jupiter etc) and the other planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and was initiated into planetary magic with these rulers.
    Here I got a special seal from Baphomet who revealed himself to me as the ruler of the solar system.

  5. Samael - Thagirion
    Here I got access to higher parts of my soul but had to master certain safety precautions in order to be admitted. The experiences here are very private, which is why I won’t go into them in more detail, I just want to mention that the parts were very dark and extremely powerful.

  6. Samael - Golachab
    In this Qlipha I received a kind of course on the Qliphoth from an energetic point of view with regard to certain analogies and classifications on the tree of knowledge.

  7. Samael - Gha’agshebla
    The four Kabbalistic levels - physical level, astral level, mental level, spiritual level were explained and shown to me in a Qliphothic sense.

Since I was not allowed to visit the last three Qliphas here, I went straight to Thagirion.

  1. Thagirion - Lilith
    Here I learned to understand everything about the struggle for survival in our material world (Lilith) from a spiritual point of view (Thagirion).
    I also learned a lot about emotions here.

  2. Thagirion - Gamaliel
    Here I learned the complete principles of solar magic or magic with the black sun (Thagirion) and the principles of lunar magic (Gamaliel).
    I also learned to apply the inner mysteries of Gamaliel practically in a spiritual way with the help of Thagirion. Here I also learned the “visual language” of the subconscious or how the higher dark self is expressed in dreams and how one recognizes that one has received messages from the higher dark self in dreams.

  3. Thagirion - Samael
    The topic here was the magical work with the demonic self (Thagirion) and the topic of communication (Samael) also channeling and contact with higher demonic gods can be learned here

  4. Thagirion - A’arab Zaraq
    Here I learned the original language of the demons, a purely energetic language with which immediate effects in Qliphothic magic can be generated. The higher demonic self also communicates in this language.

  5. Thagirion - Thagirion
    In this Qlipha one learns how to get in contact with the “demon body” and the “spiritual body”.

  6. Thagirion - Golachab
    In order to be allowed to enter this Qlipha one has to face one’s worst fears.
    This Qlipha is the world of the Fallen Angels, i.e. those entities who have turned away from the right-handed path and YHVH and then taught people the dark form of magic, these former angels are allowed to exist in this Qlipha. They are in the hierarchy under the demons but have them even still high positions within the qliphoth.
    It is important to distinguish that the fallen angels are not demons but rather two different races of souls.

  7. Thagirion - Gha’agshebla

Here I learned how to contact the powers of the fallen angels or learned everything about the fallen angels.
In relation to the angels of Sephirot and in relation to the archangels, I have learned how to protect yourself completely from the angels and how to protect yourself from bright Kabbalistic magic.

Then, strangely enough, I went to the Qliphas of A’arab Zaraq, so I should first travel to the Qliphas of Thagirion before I was sent to the Qliphas of A’arab Zaraq.

  1. A’arab Zaraq - Lilith

Here I got to know demonic entities of the water element that are directly related to the dark side of the zodiac sign Pisces. That is also the first Qlipha on which I could actually perceive something like population (apart from the Fallen Angels in Thagirion - Golachab). The demons of the zodiac sign Pisces have to do with mysticism and can teach you different techniques of divination (prophecy). These demons have a ruler who is referred to in the Ars Goetia as the 51st demon Balam.

  1. A’arab Zaraq - Gamaliel

This Qlipha is the headquarters of the “dark brotherhood”. Here I came into contact with the head of this brotherhood who is surprisingly known as the 68th demon of Goetia under the name Belial.

  1. A’arab Zaraq - Samael
    Here I came into contact with the reptilian people who like to call themselves the “Red Brotherhood”. Their leader is referred to in the Goetia as the 20th Demon Purson.

  2. A’arab Zaraq - A’arab Zaraq

In this Qlipha I met Lucifer in his aspect as a descended angel and creator of the dark material side. He explained to me the similarities between the Nordic Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil and the lower 9 Qliphas of Lilith.

  1. A’arab Zaraq - Thagirion
    Here I met the various “power animals” and totem animals, the ruler of this Qlipha is referred to in the Goetia as the 61st demon Zagan.

  2. A’arab Zaraq - Golachab

There I met the “Sisterhood of Darkness” and was trained by their head “Mother of Darkness” in the dark war magic of Golachab. This mother of darkness is referred to in Goetia as the 13th demon Beleth. This sisterhood had something Druidic but also something of an ancient witch circle. I didn’t get to see the sisters because each member wears an elaborate black robe which, however, looks more like a dress with a hood.

  1. A’arab Zaraq - Gha’agshebla

Here I met the Draconian people who are excellent spiritual teachers.
The leader of this people is called Satanophiel

Finally, we continue to the Qliphas of Golachab

  1. Golachab - Lilith
    The beings of this Qlipha call themselves the “enlightened ones”
    Their ruler is referred to in the Goetia as the 1st demon Bael.

  2. Golachab - Gamaliel
    Here I discovered a high culture that was very similar to the Germanic princes and the so-called “Aryans”. All members of the tribe were proud men who were dressed like princes and had very noble horses with them. Yes, in this tribe the horse played a far-reaching role as did conquests and wars. In fact, their behavior was more like the famous Aryans who also wrote down the Vedic scriptures. When I asked one of these princes about it, he said that although some of his men had been incarnated as princes in such a high culture, the culture of the Celts, the Germanic culture and the mysterious Aryans came from the high culture of this Qlipha. Yes, the prince called his tribe the true Aryans.
    The leader of the tribe is referred to in Goetia as the 45th demon Vine.

  3. Golachab - Samael

Here I met another people with a king who is referred to in the Goetia as the 9th demon Paimon.

  1. Golachab - A’arab Zaraq
    Here I learned about oriental cultures and their origins as well as about the magic of these cultures, I also met the gods of the Stone Age and some Indian cultures here.

  2. Golachab - Thagirion
    Here I learned the magic of the local peoples, i.e. those peoples who have already built cities.
    Here I met the Roman gods.

  3. Golachab - Gha’agshebla
    Here I learned about the Nordic and Germanic cultures and met the Nordic gods and learned their magic.

Then, finally, it went to the Qliphas of Gha’agshebla

  1. Gha’agshebla - Lilith
    Here I learned a lot about Lemuria and the dark Lemurian magic.

  2. Gha’agshebla - Gamaliel
    Here I learned a lot about the traditions of the demonic beings, and this is where I finally found the Qliphothic gods.

  3. Gha’agshebla - Samael
    Here I learned a lot about oriental culture and villages.
    Here I met ancient Celtic deities.

  4. Gha’agshebla - A’arab Zaraq
    Here I learned a lot about the culture of the Stone Age people and also met the associated deities.

  5. Gha’agshebla - A’arab Zaraq
    Here I learned a lot about the cultures of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Mayas, Mesopotamians, Syrians and their deities.

  6. ​​Gha’agshebla - Thagirion
    The theme of this Qlipha is “rule” and mastering the life’s work.

  7. Gha’agshebla - Golachab

Here I was tested by the Demonic Gods whether I am actually ready to explore these Qliphas from Spiritual Progress.

  1. Gha’agshebla - Gha’agshebla
    This Qlipha is about the direct use of the Qliphothic powers to create a special Ergregor.

The last Qlipha I was allowed to visit was Satariel, just like Satariel and Satariel stands for the dark light She-a bo mashavah.


Amendment from 06/06/2020

Today I was given some of the names of these new Qliphas, which I will now reproduce here with their equivalents:

  1. LILITH (Lilith-Lilith)
  2. TEXITH (Lilith - Gamaliel)
  3. RILITH (Lilith - Samael)
  4. BAGITH (Lilith - A’arab Zaraq)
  5. ZALITH (Lilith - Thagirion)
  6. TESITH (Lilith - Golachab)
  7. VITITH (Lilith - Gha’agshebla)
  8. GAMALIEL (Gamaliel - Gamaliel)
  9. NIALIL (Gamaliel - Lilith)
  10. TORILIL (Gamaliel - Samael)
  11. LINILIL (Gamaliel - A’arab Zaraq)
  12. SPALIL (Gamaliel - Thagirion)
  13. RHAKLIL (Gamaliel - Golachab)
  14. PHOBALIL (Gamaliel - Gha’agshebla)
  15. SAMAEL (Samael - Samael)
    16.ZENAEL (Samael - Lilith)
  16. NATHANAEL (Samael - Gamaliel)
  17. LHEANAEL (Samael - A’arab Zaraq)
    19.OXONAEL (Samael - Thagirion)
  18. VATYREL ​​(Samael - Golachab)
  19. MIZAEL (Samael - Gha’agshebla)
  20. A’ARAB ZARAQ (A’arab Zaraq - A’arab Zaraq)
    23.EOLAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Lilith)
  21. KHILAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Gamaliel)
  22. ZAXAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Samael)
  23. PIZAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Thagirion)
  24. TIZAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Golachab)
  25. ORAQ (A’arab Zaraq - Gha’agshebla)
    29.THAGIRION (Thagirion- Thagirion)
    30.MAZION (Thagirion - Lilith)
  26. LITHION (Thagirion - Gamaliel)
    32nd PAZRION (Thagirion - Samael)
  27. MOZION (Thagirion - A’arab Zaraq)
  28. NARION (Thagirion - Golachab)
  29. LILION (Thagirion - Gha’agshebla)

Amendment from June 9th, 2020
Today I learned about a vision from Qlipha TOHUW.
It existed before our physical world and before the Qlipha Lilith existed.
TOHUW was, so to speak, the predecessor of Lilith and existed at the time of the primordial worlds before they became the underworlds. TOHUW was a desert world where Naamah was worshiped as mother goddess. In TOHUW there were no laws but something that could be described as a kind of anarchy. It was just not cared about the laws of the YHVH….
The forces of chaos were also very strong in TOHUW, it was, so to speak, the Qlipha who were chaos magic. However, there was no matter at this point in time.
Nowadays TOHUW is, so to speak, a Qlipha within the Qlipha Lilith, namely Lilith - Thaumiel, the highest form of the Qlipha Lilith. On the Thaumiel level within each Qlipha one finds the primordial worlds which were the predecessors of the Qlipha as underworlds. The original names of these Qliphas are found on the Thaumiel level. Today TOHUW is connected with the chaotic form of matter and with your own realm in which you yourself are the ruler. Here you get to know the magical authority of a demonic deity, or learn how to get authority within the Qliphas. Self-rule and self-control are also important points of this qlipha. Here one also learns a form of magic which one must first need in order to be able to act in the higher Qliphas.

Basically there are 4 levels of vibration in the Qliphothic tradition with which we work magically.

  1. Spiritual level:

This is the highest level in the Qliphothic tradition.
At this level the true names of a soul or entity can be revealed. Level of the great Qliphothic plant. Here one finds the true form of the demons. Element fire, Qlipha Satariel, Ghagiel, Thaumiel.

  1. Mental level:

The level of the hierarchy of demons and fallen angels. Level of the soul plan and the concepts to be manifested. Strongest Qliphothic Vibrations. Plain of the dark gods and goddesses. Level of the dark higher self. At this level the demons and fallen angels are actively working on the grand scheme of the dark work. From here all decisions of the underworlds are made. At this level one gets access to the innermost core of the soul. From a sheep magical point of view, a soul could be destroyed or severely damaged here, but earlier karma from past incarnations can also be erased and undone here. This is where damage spells work hardest! Element water, Qlipha Thagirion, Golachab, Gha’agshebla.

3rd astral plane:

Subtle world of darkness and energetic manifestations.
Creation of transmission energies. Transformation of energies. Binding energies.
Origin and basis of demons and fallen angels. This plane has no matter. This is where the astral dungeon cells are located. The ideal level for shadow work. Here is the Christian “hell”, level of nightmares. Air element, Qlipha Gamaliel, Samael, A’arab Zaraq.

lipha Thagirion, Golachab, Gha’agshebla.

3rd astral plane:

Subtle world of darkness and energetic manifestations.
Creation of transmission energies. Transformation of energies. Binding energies.
Origin and basis of demons and fallen angels. This plane has no matter. This is where the astral dungeon cells are located. The ideal level for shadow work. Here is the Christian “hell”, level of nightmares. Air element, Qlipha Gamaliel, Samael, A’arab Zaraq.

  1. Material level:

Human level, beginning of spiritual development. Can only be left if the person can consciously access his energy body. Completely material level. Beginning of the magical work, foundation of the magical work. Playground of the Qliphothic Powers. Element earth. Qlipha Lilith

Amendment from 14.06.2020
I met the Fallen Angel from TOHUW, his name is Martiel. He opens access to the destructive sides of the elements and is considered to be the destroyer of the soul’s plan. He can also enslave souls.


The 29 Qliphas, these are not the tunnels of set, correct?

I thought I did a post on a path working in the tunnel between Samuel and Golachab, and did see a jellyfish type thing, and I think Duchess Gremori was there, but could be wrong. Blue water tunnel hence the jellyfish thing. Immense heat and fire around Golachab, oddness near Samael. Have no idea how I got to Samuel however, but could’ve been the path of fire, XX. XX and XII was the objective though a path working with tarot, and the intent to visit Duchess Gremori. Again, it could’ve been a daydream, but the feelings of the daydream seemed more like a successful guided meditation/pathworking.
Thantafax (spelling?) I never seemed to really access, nor Gamaliel or Lilith.

No these are not the Tunnels of Seth but Qliphas in Qliphas.

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