Qayos/The House of Chaos’ Next Gift- Let’s Design a Demon!

Hiya everybody!

If you’re familiar with me, you know I’ve been designing entities for almost 31 years- for so long that I had no idea it was called magic! :slight_smile:

This offering to BALG is pretty different from my legions, though. You see, this creature will be an organically designed demon, a form of spiritual life, not forced to serve. It will be a self-aware conscious being, created through methods that are a trade secret of mine; accessible to all members of this forum, it will choose whether it wants to work with somebody or not. This is not a servitor or construct, and making that mistake can be troublesome should you decide to approach it.

How this works, is that on October 1st, I will be creating a thread entitled “TALISMANIC THREAD: Demon Design”, already cleared by Eva, which will translate the content of each reply into energy and information to be infused into the demon during the creation process. It will be equivalent to a Goetic. There are a few things to keep in mind before making a post on that thread:


  1. Follow BALG rules.
  2. Nothing self destructive or that would compromise any facet of the demon.
  3. Nothing impossible (make you shoot lightning, resurrecting people, etc)
  4. Nothing targeted at any BALG member without their express written consent on this or that thread, alternatively as a PM to me.

And that’s all! :slight_smile:

The date scheduled as the completion of the gestation process is this Halloween (2020), which is a blue moon. :slight_smile:


Thank you. This may help lots of people.


Does that mean it would have a soul?

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I would like one. I want to get in line quickly because I know it can take some time for these things to be done. I just want to know if the demon can have more than one ability. Because I have a few ideas, I kind of want to model it after my servitor which brings me money without the need to ask for it and can manipulate others to give me money without asking as well. So far my servitor works great, but I also wanted a helper since my servitor only works in 3 month intervals and rests. But lately things and people have been making me unhappy, so I’m thinking I want a demon that packs more of a punch than my servitor. I would like it to be able to collect information and share that info with me, as well as cause harm when I need it to. Direct, precise harm. So money, Intel gathering, and baleful work all in one. If possible. If not I understand and will focus on Intel.


Yes! :slight_smile:

@curiousram it is one demon designed by the whole of balg. For your wants, you’d add this post to the talismanic thread! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I misinterpreted the offering lol. I see now it’s for public use. I got excited when I read the title and missed some important details.


What you wrote can be included as part of the programming in the talismanic thread! :slight_smile:


This is a awesome idea.

I think to add to the demon. Healing(all modalities, especially in mental health), knowledge of herbs and stones(baneful and blessing, healing ECT). The ability to influence and manipulate weather or elements, as well people and situations (so an intimate knowledge of psychology, nlp, dark psychology, hypnosis, mentalism). The ability to help find lost or stolen items.

To be able to be used to fight for, protect and defend the most vulnerable of society, abused, abandoned and victimized young people. So it would know the truth of the matter and would take action with divine justice. Also including in that the knowledge or ability to determine the absolute truth of the matter so there are no innocent casualties.

To help in matters of family unity and safety. To help end strife and fighting. And to help temper and even out those family members who are out of balance.To help the practitioner to become their best ideal self. Through fun challenges and teaching. Using its own knowledge of people to determine the best mode of educating and helping the mage grow.

To have a good sense of humor, compassion, empathy, emotion. and to constantly be able to grow and learn.

(I have more I’ll add later lol)


Could works of art or things designed to cause emotion within the individual be accepted? That is to say, may I pose it a question, read it poetry, or describe a philosophy to it? Or would you like to keep the focus on accruing tacit and measurable skills and attributes?


It’s the information era so I vote to make this demon a demon of information.


Yes! You can also post pictures, videos, etc.

By the way, everyone, what you post in this thread won’t influence the demon- when the Talismanic Thread is released, that’s where to post them for an effect! :slight_smile:


There’s going to be a suggestion limit for each person???

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Nope! Just a few rules to follow as indicated by the OP. :slight_smile:


For the new would be useful, to help open the astral senses, to help/teach make astral projecttion, to guide the type of magic that resonates more with our energy.
the ability to healing body energy, chakras
the ability can hidden our magick work from others

I think that 50% of people who come to BALG seek to return with the ex-couple ADD this jajaaj, I remember that LadyEva created a thread for this reason


I’d like my 2 cents for it to be a Muse for one and for it to steal all negative grey energy from Balg members since grey is advised to never use on oneslf it should always be removed when found from my understanding.
And lastly for it to shout at the deaf people to help open our ears when we think of the demon.
Also for it to appear in scans of people for those it’s taken a liking to.
Thanx for considering my opinions and thank you for doing this task for the community.

Hiya! Like I said, no affecting other members of BALG without their express written consent. :slight_smile:


I Am In!!! Thank You Qayos

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The ability to remove and transmute negative energies into any other form of energy you’d choose to work with.

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Question: in the talismanic thread, I can include functionality that adds additional “weight” in the programming of the demon to suggestions that are more liked than others. Does that sound like something you would want, balg? :slight_smile:

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Like a 1-10 scale on what types of energies are preferred?

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