Qayinic Tradition

I feel it’s best with this type of thing to follow instructions until a deeper direct communication is established. The potency of the workings though are pretty individual.

I have the books, was very excited to get into the current only to find it requires Blackthorn for damn near everything. While its very common in the EU and the east coast of the US, it doesn’t grow in California. I asked for help from them for a possible replacement common in Cali, but not luck. I suppose that it isn’t a current for me as no substitute was intuited through meditation. So, expensive books sit on the shelf unused.

Why do you not utilize the internet?

You can get Blackthorn on E bay relatively cheap I got a stang and a bag of the thorns .Don’t be quitter the path isnt supposed to be easy.

I like your “Just do it” attitude. I guess my dilemma is that the collection of the Blackthorn as you well know requires certain offerings.

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I’m really sad this post is SO old, I don’t even know why I’m commenting on it. Gosh, I just noticed with a quick search of the forum that the qayinitic tradition is only mentioned in a few posts in the entire history of the forum. It seems like I’m the only devout current 218 necromancer on this site. I doubt you’ll ever come back to read this @Serell but please god never use a Santa muerte statue for Qayin. Don’t compare them. They’re not comparable. Qayin’s grimoires mention Senor la Muerte NOT Santa Muerte. Those are 2 different entities from 2 different cultures, but even then Senor La Muerte still is not the left handed reaper. “Well they’re both depicted as a grim reaper, so they’re the same duuur huuuur” first off, eww. Secondly, no. Just no. Qayin is Qayin. The left handed reaper is not the Mexican saint of death. And not the Argentinan saint of death either. Praying to Santa Muerte on a post about current 218, I mean really? Why do dabblers do this?


2182 is not a public Current. Only a solitary work in silence :slight_smile:

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This is true. I just don’t like when dabblers crap all over my craft by tossing Qayin in with other deities and saying stuff about my craft that isn’t true.

Zammazo Emoot Zaraqaen Baaltzelmoth

Qayin Rex Mortis :heart:

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Awesome to see someone actually reading older posts, there were a lot of really cool experimental things posted in the early days. :+1:

I think the un-wisdom of syncretisation is covered here pretty thoroughly by Serell:

That said…

I’m generally really annoyed by slapdash syncretisation, it’s one of monotheism’s less likeable after-effects that people think “less is better” and also, try to reduce everything down into being basic qualities, and not possessing individuality.


Even in the Santa Muerte currents there is many different ways so it’s not wise to mix them. The public tradition love to “westernize” everything so it give much confusion but in fact Santa Muerte is more primordial, more ancient(she is death goddess) than the catholic system. There is a full sorcery system with Her.

The current 218 of the Liber Falxifer is also a great one very powerful since the liber falxifer books give a self initiatory path.

Confusion come from the shape of the statue but it can hold very different current within. This is the same for cemetery workings, same death place many path to work with it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I find it very annoying too. Randomly throwing deities together because “oh she’s a grim reaper too, they’re the same! DUUUUUR!” Is just retarded imo.

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Very powerful indeed. It can be very unstable in the wrong hands. That’s why I always say my path isn’t for everyone. It’s only for a select few tbh. A select few who truly understand what the current 218 is and respect its raw power. The left handed reaper Qayin is depicted as a reaper but synchronizing him with other reaper spirits is foolish and dumb. First off: Santa Muerte = female, Qayin = male. Also Santa Muerte is a saint, Qayin is no saint. He murdered his brother. He’s the first murderer and the first Satanist. Witch father and father of the serpent blood. He’s worshipped by outcasts. The very foundation of current 218 is anti cosmic antinomianism. Everything I just explained is the exact opposite of Saint Death Santa Muerte. Being a follower of Qayin is necromancy in its most purest form. Worshipping saint death Santa Muerte however is not necromancy.

Interesting I was about to start that some time soon too! :slight_smile:

I just read your part here L.Jade - I guess that Santa Muerte will do or not do what she deems necessary to bring any aid or information in regard with any other pathworking - as any spirit would do, one could safely assume.

Realistically spoken, I noticed that when doing pathworkings, I always need other particular spirits for other situations, so I am obliged to work with lots of spirits depending on what I need.
However I know that this is not advised in all cases, sometimes spirits say “work only with me for x amount of time, for example” (for example, azazel would say that at some point in certain situations) - E.A. for example still works with other spirits for his bootcamps and other custom rituals, while doing his current gatekeepers pathworkings, for example. It just depends what spirits say, but, it’s super important to be able to hear or acquire the right info from them.


That being said, I have been advised by a spirit to work with the beings of the Liber Falxifer, at a certain point…; Would you say it is, even as a stand-alone book enough , as a complete system in itself? :slight_smile: What are your views on it overall? :slight_smile:

Yes @Hermes it is a complete system. My views on Qayin and the current 218 should be obvious. I’m a devout follower of Qayin. I felt like some light needed to be shed on this tradition so I made a post about it here:

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I’m very interested in the current 218. Do you know Dante Abiel’s book, Necromantic Sorcery: The Forbidden Rites of Death magick?

Is this system similar?

I was looking for a ancient, raw, necromantic current.

Also, have you heard of Charnel Whispers: Mastery of Necromancy, Death & Undeath, by Somnus Dreadwood?

Do you know if it’s any good?

No. Current 182 is specific and a very demanding and there are no similarities with another traditions.

you can get blackthorn berries on amazon

Is the Liber Falxifer book out of print permanently or because of the corona virus?