I am drawn to Qalmana. I have been for a year. I have waited… but the books and experts say you have to be dedicated to Qayin first. I don’t have an attraction to Qayin, too heavy for me.

My divination says to go for it…

What do you think?

I say go for it. The worst that could happen is the spirit says, “No.”

I am also attracted to Senior La Muerte - Qayin. But my Tarot divination advised against it. I did my first offering to Holy Death, and will worship deities significant to me. If not SLM, there are others. But then last night as I went to sleep… I had several, several dreams of SLM, and could not sleep

What is your opinion of that?

It’s important to bear in mind that those two entities should not be conflated.

San la muerte (an Argentinian entity, and surrounding areas) is not Qayin (in regards to the current), though his lore says that he is the biblical/folk Cain to some extent or another.

And likewise Qayin is NOT san la muerte.

Rather, the cult of San la Muerte represents a parallel line of praxis, associations, and methods/inspiration.

“Usurpation” as the current founders would say.

In regards to that current, yes.

They are very clear about how to go about things.

Likewise if you read the books you will know that Qayin and his bride are intrinsically connected.

Working with one is working with the other.

She is the subtle and more cultivated side of that current.

All that said, if you choose to work with Qalmana outside of that current, I wouldn’t assume you are working with the same aspect as what’s presented in those grimoires and would be careful about loose dabbling with those materials.

So in other words, I should be specifically intentional to either choose SLM, or Qayin - and in so doing, I can approach Qayin referring to the way that SLM is approached (appropriate colors, incense, time, etc)