Q and A with God (Supreme Source) closed

3 questions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Why did i just make a post giving three questions to myself for myself to answer?

What is the form of a concept in my vision? Are the concepts beyond physicallity as they say?

Knows what to say, not a he

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Does the supreme God have any advice for me and how to handle the next year?

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His advice about my future plan?

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Do i have a real future that’s a bright one so that i won’t be stuck in stagnation forever?

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Will the cycles of consciousness ever evolve to a point where light rules over darkness on earth

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dont rush through things

stand tall

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i will not answer your question

Wait a minute… :thinking:



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Supreme source? Which one though? :thinking:


whats the problem prophet? (warrior talking)

theres only one, the Absolute Reality beyond all things finite, while manifest in all things finite, Brahman/Infinite (me talking by the way) i think this is the case

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So basically you’re channeling your own ideology of what you personally view source as.


i am all there is, Light and Darkness

pray to Jesus

Channel any, message for me

But I will low-key advise you man don’t miss currents… Just my two cents bruv