Q&A with Lucifer(?)

Hello everyone. I didnt post anything from long time.
A few days ago I decided to ask some questions Lucifer. I have not do anything magical from a few months. So I decided to do a prepatory work before calling Lucifer. I meditate for ten minutes since two days ago with his mantra that behemoth-X shared on his youtube channel. after the meditation I burnt incense that was an offering to lucifer. I birnt the sigil of Lucifer around the corners with the incense. then for a few minutes I hold the sigil above the smoke of the incense and recite some incantations.
And today I call him to answer my Questions.
I tryed to get into trance but didnt succeed. so I continue to call him anyway.
At some point I heard wierd noise in the wall and I asked is Lucifer here. I get the impression of Yes in my head. I greet him and thank him for coming. I then get the impression that he says he is glad that he came.
Asked if I can ask him some questions. dont remmember any impressions.

YN: 1. Will we have this year online education?

Lu: I can be so.
or something like this, I dont know how to translate it.

YN: 2. will it be dangerous to change my eye color to red?(here im speaking for listening binaural beats that can change my eye color to red. I have a little success with them. listen it now for 4th day my eyes have little orange rings.)
Lu: It can’t be dangerous. You are only changing the color not the function.

YN: 3. Does BB use magick to manipulate us?
here Im speaking of one politic. I dont want to say his name.
Lu: Yes, he is using magick. what you think.

YN: 4. Can I kill him safetly using the powers of magick?

Lu: Yes, that depends of you.

YN: 5. Why my classmates dont respect me?

Lu: They don’t want to. For them to respect you, you must earn(deserve) it. What you think. They must to have reason. If you dont give them one, the will not respect you. Thats it.

So what you guys think. Im not too sure if I cantact him but thats it. do you think I succeed in contacting him?

Have a nice day.


Btw I think Marbas is calling me

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Those sound like logical things that he might say. Did you feel his presence? Was it positive or uneasy?

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Great work!

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Well I don’t think I felt his presence.

Maybe it was because I wa stressed a bit.

Yes,that sounds like Lucifer.

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Thank you guys for the replys. Now I’m more confident in my abilities.

Sounds like his cynical self lol he was with you I can feel it I’m sure you would have been either over joyed or confused if he visited you in person…he is known to do that…yes people I’m not over it…he did it to me shortly after getting on this path personal visitation unannounced is something he is known to do… So I expect him to show up to you sooner then later


bb you mean Netanyahu?

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The politician

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I was referring to bulgarian politician. His initials are BB

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haha lol I thought you were talking about bibi Israeli prime minister.

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I google it. I’m definitely not speaking for him :laughing:

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how did lucifer tell you the answers ?

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It was like somebody else was thinking instead of me

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he got inside you ?

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Well I’m not sure. I wanted to do an invocation, but didn’t do it. But the days before the evocation when I was meditating I a few time recite some passages from an invocation that I red with intent.

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