Q&A with Lucifer

So this is the first time I Evoked Lucifer, although He has came to me before without needing to evoke him but i evoked him in order to ask some questions and to also spend some time with him, I’d love to share my first experience with him.

• I prepared with taking a bath and wearing my ritual black robe.

• Light the candle, incense.

• I recited his enn while meditating on his sigil and I felt a strong presence in my temple. I saw lucifer with my minds Eye, he has appeared before me many times in this form but without wings.

• I welcomed him in my temple, I said ‘ I welcome you mighty Lucifer in my temple and I am honored by your presence’
I got no reaction from him, just a serious face staring at me.

• Then I asked him ‘ To protect me spiritually and physically I also asked him that I am using a Angelic method of protection. Am I worthy of your protection while working with angelic protection?
He replied ‘ There is no problem’

• I am here to ask you some questions, May I?
He said , ‘ I allow’

• why everyone calls you lucifer? Is that really your name or something else?
Lucifer replied, ‘Many people remember me with different names and Lucifer is one of them’

• Are you always this friendly with everyone who evoke you?
Lucifer replied, ‘it depends on what aspect of me you are calling forth. I carry both Lightness aswell as darkness.’

• Is this your real form if not, what is?
Lucifer replied, ‘Now that you have called me to answer. The form that you see and many others who evoke me aren’t my real forms. My real form is beyond human imagination.

• How to make a strong connection with you?
Lucifer replied,’ That is simple. If you feel love towards me, connecting and meditation daily would form a good connection.

• What would you advice me and all the others on this spiritual path to ascend?
Lucifer replied, ‘Explore other systems of spirituality do not stick to one and practice so that you reach your desired goal.’

• I thanked him for providing what I asked. Gave him a offering of Olive oil even though he said he likes coffee more. Will surely give him coffee when I will evoke him another week.

The energy felt really different in my temple. I hope you all can feel it. Here is a picture of my Altar after the evocation.

  • My mentor has advised me to evoke and meditate with Lucifer every other week that means two times a month? Do you all recommend any questions that I can ask him on my next evocation that will enable my spiritual progression?

how did he look when he manifested to you


He appeared to me in a simple human form, his eyes are usually closed and his face smiling at me.
His face was exactly like in this picture above but he had no wings. ! The amazing part is, I accidentally saw this picture surfing this forum and was astonished because his face was exactly like him.
I confirmed it with my mentor who is very close to him. She said his appearance will change with time so be prepared for that.


As a person’s senses grow so will their ability to perceive an entity’s true form beyond what they’re comfortable with or what the entity chooses to appear as for the individual.

Some of this fits my experience with projecting to him with how he has mostly a business like personality until he’s “off the clock” so to speak.


His energy was very playful, warm and calming when he first came. I’ve stated my first experience here:

But this time he really seemed like a business type personality as you just mentioned.

Interesting. I saw olive oil in a vision of mine.

I bet Lucifer loves some Starbucks :yum:


Ask him what am I doing that’s hindering my ability to ascend.

Also did you see a physical manafestation or just a minds eye image.

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Velenos Is also correct in my opinion, I believe the more you work with him eventually he will show you his comfortable more natural appearance

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I had to make him an angel food cake with rose petal infused glaze. Very specific lol


you need to hit the bench more, brother

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That sounds wonderful!

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will go with the Starbucks next time :yum:


Ofc, I will. :slight_smile:

This was more a connective evocation than a full evocation because the full evocation requires more effort and practice, energy. And the results are rarely any better than achieved with the connective evocation. But I’m trying that soon. :wink: Wish me luck. :sparkles:

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Yes, I agree.
Lucifer energy yesterday I think was quite intense because I couldn’t sleep last night also I got a mild headache. Does that happen usually?


Sounds great! :sparkles:

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For sure, brother. :sparkles::slightly_smiling_face:

Mocha frappe with whipped cream…:heart_eyes:

Or a dragon drink :yum:

Oh and a cake pop! :joy:


it does happen to beginners with him usually from what i seen on here yes

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Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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When you say Lucifer, who are you referring to? Jesus, Samael or Heylel?