Q&A with Astaroth and Tiamat

Can’t comment on Astaroth’s answers, but that sounds exactly like Tiamat to me :heart:

I can’t fathom why she isn’t more popular to work with, even amongst Draconian practitioners :woman_shrugging:

She’s always been of utmost significance in my life, immediately sweeping me up in her arms as I tumbled and fell after renouncing the faith I was raised with. She set me on my path, has guided me, and has been the wind in my sails.

Highly recommend!


She seems like a great spirit; I’ll definitely work with her in the future! Her energy is quite powerful, too.

Have you worked with Qingu/Kingu and Abzu by the way?


Could you post a good sigil of Tiamat?

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Asenath Mason’s sigil of Tiamat:

V.K. Jehannum’s sigil of Tiamat (I used this one):


Thx c;

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Wait i thought osiris was just the egyptian god of death.How is he an archon like Yahweh?


I’m curious about Osiris too. Nice work @Ashtoreth!


I’d work with either…cool post.

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Not yet but it seems Apsu has been poking me lately trying to get me to make contact

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@GreyDracon @Nyxifer

Osiris was a name that both I and another magickan from this forum received from two different spirits. Osiris being a name for an Archon in this context. Whether this Osiris is THE Osiris of Egypt, or another entity that took the name Osiris for itself is unknown to us currently.


Let me know of your experience of them!

Separate but still living and operating in the same Universe/realm hmm this is something trully magnificent
Duality at its best

Prior to my own arrival on this forum, Tiamat gave me a similar statement about Yahweh, or Jehovah as it is pronounced by some.

In my own communion with Tiamat, she gives the account of Jehovah insinuating himself between her and humanity in order to cut them off so that he can monopolize divinity and keep humanity subservient to him. It’s why his religions are more violant and dogmatic than most others.


Can any moderator say why was he banned? Please

If you’re referring to Ashtoreth, just click on his avatar and it will tell you.

sooo. i have some questions if anyone can answer…
what is The Black Flame… the Infernal Divine… Gatekeepers… ect… everything mentioned in comment:

" Tiamat: “I can help you ignite the black flame, and I can turn you into a destroyer. Alchemy and shapeshifting are other skills tht I teach. I can also help awaken the dragon.” (she might be refering to raising the kundalini, I’ve also asked via pendlum after the evocation, and it swung yes)."

I cannot find much about any of these topics…

Welcome @AJNAAwakened369. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Me: “What is the false order?”

Tiamat: “It is a spell cast upon this world by the group you call the Archons. You already know their names.”

Me: “Since I’m sharing this conversation with other people, can you tell me some of the names of the Archons?”

Tiamat: “Yahweh, Enlil, Anu, Allah, Marduk, Osiris.” (this has been confirmed to me before by two other forum members)

And enki is good guy ? and satan loves around, i dont buy this.

Thing about “archons” is right,

But you need to understand higher world, and remember and understand that the ones that “won” the war “wrote” the history to humans

Wait i thought osiris was just the egyptian god of death.How is he an archon like Yahweh?

Most of what you call “archons” are incarnated to bodies, and they cannot work 100% behind scenes since they focus their physical existence, osiris is dead.

We probably dont see archons same way anyway


I KNEW it!

Wow! Interesting! Thanks for posting this! Tiamat I definitely would love to work with, I thought about working with her quite a while now. Astaroth i don’t remember I had him on my list or not but this definitely made me curious more about him.