Q&A on Vedic astrology

I am sorry. I didn’t know that you didn’t do full readings. I am concerned about finance and financial abundance. I seem to always have issues with money. Never having enough or any at all.

Is there something affecting wealth in my chart?

Whatever info you have will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


You were probably doing great financially before August 2020. Your chart shows great potential for money, I don’t know but I am sure you had a good situation before that date.

You have 2nd lord of wealth mars conjunct 4 and 5th lord Saturn the greatest benefic for a Libra ascendant, Jupiter and Rahu both in 11th house of gains. The problem is they are all retrograde so you make constantly mistakes regarding your investment or your friendships… probably got cheated once or twice by “some friends”

You are in Ketu period that started in 2020-2027

Ketu period is more internal and spiritual, the more you attach yourself to your possession, the more you gonna lose. This is the period of thinking deep in yourself and see the mistakes you made, get wisdom from then ketu will reward.

After 2026-2027 Venus period will start, it’s going to be a huge boom :boom: financially for you

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Forty-three years old, but if I shave off my beard with little gray hairs on my chin, I look much younger!


Great man :+1::+1:. I edited my above post to add the report

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Wow. You were right. I was doing financially good before August 2020. Then COVID happened and umm… family issues. I lost my mom in May 2020 from congestive heart failure. My sister and I had a falling out since then. We still aren’t getting along.

If you mean constantly getting scammed by questionable characters on social media, then yeah.

Do you mind if I ask about any sex/romantic prospects? I’ve been having issues there too.

And that’s all.

Thank you for your time and expertise.


Don’t worry man, ketu period can be difficult to understand, but once you get the wisdom, everything will go smooth. You will have more money than you had and probably from business

Rahu-Jupiter conjunction gives rise to what we call Guru chandal, a combination that gives rise to a bandit or people who are lower “cast” than you or questionable motives

I dont know lu you want to get married cause I see that you like being independent, not bound by a ring :ring:

This year till 5 august 2024, normally you should have some romantic experience

Also Bro when doing some romantic thing, if you doubt that what you gonna say or do may not be appropriate, just ask your friend to help you cause with Ketu-mercury in 5th house of romance, you can do things without thinking, you can make the funniest worst decisions :joy::joy:


You’ve given me a lot to think about. You are dead on about many things.

As far as romance goes, women don’t seem to be attracted to me anyway. And, the women that I’m most attracted are younger (late 20s to 30s), so they are out of my league.

Thanks again.


I am not really good for relationships astrology, maybe cause I never really got interest in it.

What I can tell you is; Mars rules your relationships either business or romantic so you can try to find women with Martian qualities or in an environment of mars. It can be the gym (not the girly girl, search for those who really work out) , when practicing some sport or even at a gun shop… just anything related to mars. She will be attracted to you. But I guess you have already noticed that the women you get in contact with are intense, strong and sometimes impulsive


Here I find it very very intrested how you make the connection between the nakshatras and goetic demons. You learend this on your own? I am gussing yes because i never readed or seen somthing related to it.

Thats also what i want to see the timeliners. I know i can easily understand it.
But you learned your astrology from KRS also? I also learned from him a lot as a beginner. But i did not know that he could be so accurate?