Put out offering candle

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I am gathering my knowledge with this forum, little by little. Thank you all for your inputs and comments, it really helps understand a better picture!

I am currently trying to work with NAP, with little to no results, but with hard work and dedication I am certain I can make it through!

Some people suggest that it’s good to light a tea candle as an offering after the invocation.
How should it work? Does it matter what color is my candle? And do I need to wait until it completely burns out or I can put it out after some time using my fingers and then use the same candle again next time?

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White would probably be the best colour to use with NAP, later on you may wish to add coloured candles and tealights but for that system, white is fine.

If you use a small tealight, it’s best to let it burn fully, because if you extiniguish it after about a third of its burn time, it will not relight correctly most of the time, the centre will burn down to nothing leaving a ring of wax. This can vary depending on the wax but I have found it to happen quite often.

But if you do re-use a tealight, use it for that same Invocation or spirit, don’t use the same candle for several different spirits, that is like you giving me a gift then, the next day, insisting I share it with other people.


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This is very exhaustive. Thank you!!!

Everything is crystal clear.

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