Put a curse on my Book of Shadows

I was thinking to put a curse upon my Book of Shadows.
My idea was to draw an inverted pentagram on the last page of the book, put in the centre of the pentagram a little mirror surrounded by blood and human bones powder.
The person who mirror him/herself and read the spell will be cursed.
Could you suggest me an effective spell for this work?

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That’s not a very smart idea. Because what happens if you look into the mirror.

You’d be better off binding or creating a spirit to bind to it so that if anyone (who isn’t permitted to) tries to read it, then it applies a curse effect.


I was thinking about this from time to time, what about a box that you can put the things you don’t want others to find, then curse the box? Also with your idea about the mirror whenever you go to use it just put a piece of paper in the back part of the book and remove it after use. I agree with @Anziel_Merkaba the mirror does seem a bit risky by not unusable.

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