Pussies - do they hinder ritual evocation?

Id appreciate feedback do seekers think pussy’s scare away spirits or entities when working currents

I am referring to cats not moist wet ones lol


Well just don’t get any candle wax on your pussy or light it on fire. Should be fine.


Elemental Tantra anyone? lol

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I have two cats, and they’ve never really bothered my work, except for being extremely jealous of me. My python never really bothers either, he just wraps his cuddly self around my hair bun and watches what i do


Me too … well without the python. Cats don’t bother the work.

Actually, when I’m in medium meditative state, the cats usually leave the room.


Nice! and naughty lol

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A medium told me cats scare away demons not what I want egyptians worship cats for their abilities to see into the nightside


I should get a python lol

Oh really? Cats might scare away demons.

Wow come to think of it, the cats are never around when I’m evoking. Odd.

I may try a quick evocation of a regular with the cat in the room when the chance presents itself.

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Interesting I was doing workings neighbours cat was up in my roof fuck next couple weeks workings were harder so i thought maybe it’s the cat told my neighbour lock it up nite cause put baits in my roof no cat of late workings are strong


I think it’s more likely that cats scare away astral parasites, which would seem like a demon to most mediums. Just my intuition, completely unverified on my part.


Think your right I went into spiritual shop buy cyrstals the guys a new age white light want to be believes in crystal power but told me spirits entities are not real can’t harm people they are manifestation of our mind but he channels spirits of passed ones for clients guess he’s crazy what an absolute fuckwit fraud .

I sent him a gift so he understands demons are only a hello nothing bad now when I walk in the shop scares shit out of him!

A cat saw me this morning freaked out maybe cause I’m in current with lilith

In 18 and 19century people used to throw dead cats under floor doorway house to try ward away demons


About two months ago, I underwent a ritual evocation of a deity along with performing chud with someone in a nearby wooded park upon a stretch of closed hiking trail where we had felt guided. At some point during that ritual, amidst the strong presences felt, we’d noticed two assumedly nearby cats had taken up positions flanking us–one on the left, and one on the right;- just sitting, staring and technically blocking the hillside trail from both directions at like ~20-something feet away. I can’t really say for sure why they lingered so long like statues, but it definitely felt like they were protective to us directly, or even indirectly by dint of their presence.

Whatever the case, the black cat is one of the stereotypical witch’s familiars from what I understand, so that also makes me think they wouldn’t necessarily interfere with evocation.

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:thinking: my girls cat keeps tryin to get into my temple room before, after and possibly during a fair amount of my rituals to focused usally to notice during ritual usally.

My Black cat Ditches me when I perform evocation lmao.

Wen i have my cat, he like to stay in my magic room staring everywhere .up and down lwft&rgt turn his neck. Kets say tat cat spend 4 years of assists in my workings,

This is totally NOT what I thought this topic was about!! :joy::joy::joy: :rofl:


I usually find a dead cat outside, the next day when i used the inverted pentagram the night before, or find a dead bird next day, also if i do to many nights in a row using a inverted pentagram i start getting slack forteag sets it i only do 5 minutes, but it i use inverted pentagram once a month i find i use inverted pentagram for a whole hour.