Pushing out bad thoughts

I couldn’t really see anything in this so I thought I would ask. What are some ways everyone clears their minds to get rid of bad thoughts or feelings that can’t allow you to move on?

Had something happen to me in my life and the aftermath of it is consuming me and not letting me move forward.

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The meaning we give things can affect healing from them, so is there an alternative meaning you can give it that frames it as part of your personal Hero’s Journey instead of a “bad thing that happened”?

As long as we feel owed (however right, and however utterly valid) healing is impossible. Things recur in the mind because they want resolution, they want a meaning that allows them to become Past = Passed, instead of still on our mental “to do” list as needing restitution.

The Hero’s Journey concept isn’t about letting go in some weak way like your suffering didn’t matter, it acknowledges the scars, the battle, the barely-holding-on part, that there ARE real monsters but they CAN really be slain, no matter how odious and unjust they were. In fact their disgusting qualities attest to your own power.


Take a deep breath in, become aware of your chest, stomach, rib cage, and diaphragm expanding and breathe out. Feel those parts deflate as you breathe out, placing your focus on these feelings and your breath. Let your shoulders lower. Relax.


Certainly I’ve battled with negative thoughts in my life. At first I did it on purpose because of ignorance, dragging myself down because of that Christian morality that was programmed on me when I was a kid.
After showing some interest in the occult I discovered the phrase “Every though is a prayer; every word is a spell” and “Everythins is for the best”.
I would recommend to you to resist those negative thoughts, which sometimes are a sign of something unresolved in your subconcious, with positive ones even if you don’t feel it and believe it’s true.
There are also extrange energies in the air which may be purifying you for greater purposes. You have to endure and trust that it is making you stronger