Pushing my limits in Candle Magick

Hi Everyone,

I use Candle Magick a Lot for little amount of Money usually no more then 30 Bucks, Today i needed 50 Bucks to buy Two Books i really wanted, Since i never get more then 30 Bucks with Candle Magick i feeled that it was the right time to push my limits a little bit Farther,

So i set my Black Candle on my Altar and do the ritual, it was at 13:00 PM in the Afternoon,

So after the Ritual was gone, i had to get my Hair cut at the Mall, After my Hair Cut, One of my Family Member offer me a gift,

a PrePaid Credit Card of 50 buck!

So i was very Happy of my Quick Result and to have pushed my Limit Farther.


Awesome! :slight_smile:

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