Pursuing Modeling - Lucifer Helps Me Over Come Being Self Conscious

My Image Problems & Self Esteem Issues.

Years ago while I was living with my drug addict, alcoholic abusive father.
He wouldn’t only beat me like a dog, that wasn’t enough for him. He enjoyed mental and emotional forms of abuse too.

For many years I would hide away from groups of friends taking selfies.
I wouldn’t have my photo done in school, this was when my Depression, IED, Anxiety, Paranoia, Insomnia & Self Esteem Issues were just beginning.

I’ve gone through counselling and have had psychologists tell me it all stems from my past.
I found it strange when someone would compliment me, I would overthink and over analyse their compliment.

Worrying were they taking the piss, were they just trying to make me feel better.
Lucifer helped me a lot through this, like I owe my entire fucking life to him.

He’s managed to heal my past wounds, help me ascend in power and aided hugely in my ascension.

This past year or two, I’ve actually gotten over my own negative outlook on myself.
I began taking photos started as selfies, then I went to college and I enrolled in the creative media course.

I became a qualified photographer, camera man, video editor etc.
However when I was placed in front of a actual photoshoot, with Lucifers help I took my weakness and turned into my strength.

I’ve even had models message me, asking me what agency am I with.
I laugh and reply, I’m not a model just some guy but thanks.

My mother used to do modeling years ago, nothing major. However one of her old connections seen me on Facebook and begged my mother for my number so I gave it to her.

Now I have various individuals tell me to pursue this and now I haven’t nothing to hide.

This is me …

Just want to say Hail The Infernal Emperor :metal:t2::fire: Thanks so much Lucifer and to all those who keep pushing me to pursue amazing chances like the one placed in my path now.



Good to hear your achievements. Good progress


Oh my god I just came across this, those pictures are dang hot, also I’m trying to pursue modeling too just seeking for a perfect agency for me hhh it hard dude…