Purple's Welcoming Thread 1.2.3. Hello There

I have made different threads for what I feel is for different tiers to magic. This is only my own opinions.

·Starter thread.

·Middle level.

·Advance level.

Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)
New to the occult, i need advice
Help to get started
Hi newbie
Kinda new to Magick... but constantly improving
Hrafn's intro
New member intro
Salutations :)
New here and need help ASAP
Greetings from Germany!
New here
Hail, and Well Met!
Where to start?
The Long Con- Parasites, CreepyHollows, and Novice Mistakes
Lucifer+Michael is possible?
Ben Woodcroft mistake in Angelic Sigils, Keys, & Calls?
Cool and helpful tip thread
I need a free mentor
Do you guys have some beginner advice?
Just a lurker creepin' on by
New user to magic
New to this + I think I’m cursed
New member of the family
New Member
Intro topic
Introduction. Hi 😊
New Here
New member intro
Intro + Is there anything I can do
Introduction of an unknown variable
Hi, newbie here
Help needed for pact *serious* *introduction*
Help! Need a big pact with a powerful demon!
My Introduction
Intro 😁
Newbie here
Help me out + Introduction
Hello! New User here
I need suggestions /help in performjng basic spells and rituals
Begginer...Need help...!
New member introduction
New member intro
New member
New member
Major issues regarding the power dynamic of the relationship
Nice to meet everyone
Best books for beginner practical magick?
New member hello etc
Greetings to all and thank you for having me be a new member
Hello to everyone
Hello comrades
Hello everyone!
Hello hello!
No Altar, No experience, No candles, No Stones. Is there any hope?
Introduction of a Hermetic Mage
Hi there
Introduction of a Hermetic Mage
Intro & Curiosity

Nice man,appreciate it.


If anyone is looking for something or as an idea for threads please add them here for me to look for.



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Nice well been working on makeing my body stronger and heathy with demonic assistance

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If you find post on sigils and their differences between different disciplines that would be great like ex Nostradamus used several planet alchemy types of sigils ! Have ant one found any sources like that and also within the Enochian path.
Blessed be :pray:t4: