Purified by darkness

I’ve had some interesting experiences over the past week and a half but today takes the cake. I was in my room doing some darkness meditation, letting it fill the room around me and move through me giving me power and communicating with it when the idea hit me to tell it to purge me of all things harmful and unhelpful within my body. A simple command to be sure but it was most definitely effective to say the least.

About two minutes after I ended the meditation I started feeling a tightness in my stomach and went to the bathroom and took a huge healthy dump and during that time if it wasn’t going out one end it was coming up the other if you know what I mean. I decided to take a shower after that was said and done cuz not all of it hit the trash can lol. As I was taking the shower I noticed that I was becoming more relaxed and while I’ve had a fairly horrible week all things considered, all bad moods and destructive thought patterns just disappeared like they were never there to begin with. After I cleaned up the mess and took the trash bag out to the curb I decided to try and smoke a cigarette and it was like I was smoking one for the first time again just hacking and coughing away.

I’ve used different white magick rituals to purify myself in the past but all they ever seemed to do was leave me with a good calm serene feeling and I have to say this was by far more effective than anything I’ve done to date. If anyone wants to try this out who’s dealing with an addiction or has an upcoming drug test I’d love to hear their results because I think this thing actually flushed everything toxic out of my body all in one sitting.

Looking forward to feedback if anyone dares. lol


Ive noticed my life entering and leaving certain phases, just like everyone here has, I suppose.

However, I always know when Im about to start a new phase of development because I will have the sickness you described, every time, without fail. And after every one of these purging sessions, I notice Im just a little more sensitive to the things I ingest…a good example is me not being able to eat doritos (or anything with preservatives, really) anymore because they give me migraines now. Negative and self defeating thoughts seem to dissipate as well.

I usually have between 3-4 of these sessions a year

I’ve gotten some real shitty news the last two weeks, the kind that completely fucked up some big plans I’ve been preparing for a while now as well as some future endeavors I was looking forward to.

I took this news kind of hard but after meditating on it a good bit today I feel like I may be going through a purge of my own so to speak. Having things I perceived as having great value or importance stripped so that I can focus more on my ascent. The funny thing is I’ve been contemplating the last few months how I’m going to be able to make more time for my spiritual practices and now it looks like I’ll have the chance as well as putting my abilities to the test to make sure I keep my head above water.

Through darkness we find light.

Also to those in the know who offered words of encouragement its much appreciated.

That is definately interesting because I need to do some sort of healing soon here and Ive tried opening sigils for healimg angels and even ebbos (‘cleansings’ in Santeria) which just left me feeling calm like you said. Lately Ive been thinking about different demons who could help…Marbas comes to mind.

Hey Kitari, how did you meditate on Darkness exactly? I would like to know.

I used the meditation from EA Koettings book entitled Works of Darkness. He’s releasing all of his books in Ebook format here on the site pretty soon if you want to pick up a copy without paying a shit ton on Ebay. I know this is a forum dedicated to getting rid of secrecy and elitism in the occult world but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give the author credit for what I learned and out of that same respect I don’t know if I feel right just putting it out there for anyone to read because not only does EA miss out on getting compensation for that information but someone might also miss out on the experience of a great book because they only wanted one technique.